bleeding at 6 weeks

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teejay Sat 16-Jun-07 15:09:44

I am 6 weeeks pregnant and I am bleeding and just passed a few clots, I rang the community midwives who advised me to rest today and call the emergency GP if the bleeding gets heavier but otherwise to see GP on Monday.
Partner has taken ds to party and am feeling low- just need a bit of comfort really

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daisyboo Sat 16-Jun-07 15:16:25

Hi sorry you are going through this. There are lots of reasons for bleeding in pregnancy and it is not necessarily a miscarrriage. Is there an early pregnancy unit at your local hospital so you could get in for an early scan?

I know its difficult but try to keep positive

teejay Sat 16-Jun-07 15:17:54

thanks- I was optimistic last night as it was just a staining but this morning its bright red and now clots- I've done my weeping and just hope it wont be too traumatic.

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JetPeanut Sat 16-Jun-07 15:18:55

Of course it could be anything, but just wanted to say that i bled for about a week when I was 6 weeks pregnant. i thought I was having a period. Everything turned out fine for me. Best wishes to you.

JetPeanut Sat 16-Jun-07 15:20:17

Oh, x-post. So sorry if this turns out bad for you.

teejay Sat 16-Jun-07 15:29:34

I am just unsure what to expect- i've been scanning mumsnet for threads and they've made me feel a bit more knowledgable about what will come -
Just had to adjust at the moment-yesterday I was posting on a antenatal thread- now here. just bloody crap really

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jolau Sat 16-Jun-07 15:35:44

I am afraid it does not sound too good but don't lose hope yet . Advice seems sound , ther's nothing you can do or have done that can change things now. Try to distract yourself if possible. when I had a mis at 13 weeks I was really surprised to find out (a) how common it was and (b) how many people I knew had had one but NOBODY TALKS ABOUT IT !
You do have a child so have conceived twice, nothing to stop you doing so again. It's nature's way of sorting out the meetings of eggs and sperm that don't make the grade.Sorry if this isn't very comforting but it's not your fault and the worst may not happen. Even though mine was 16 years ago (gosh) I still could cry now but it isn't a tradgedy- just life. I read a lot of books ( local NCT had several ) and cried a lot over them but it did put it all in perspective. good luck

teejay Sat 16-Jun-07 15:40:31

thank you so much, i am still crying and snivelly but I know in my heart its just natures way. even sadder I am 44 so chances of any more are pretty slim. I had reconciled myself to ds being an only so need to go back to there in my head. i have told three close friends that i was preganant and two have suffered m/c themselves so will talk it over with them once I can discuss it without bursting into tears!

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beansprout Sat 16-Jun-07 15:49:47

Oh teejay, I'm so, so sorry. This is so hard. I had an early m/c last month so I understand how you feel. Please take care and be very kind to yourself xx

daisyboo Sat 16-Jun-07 15:51:03

Oh there anyone you can call at the moment, it's an awful time to be on your own. Can one of your girlfriends come over while your DP is out?

Don't despair of the age thing if this time isn't meant to's
happened once, it can happen again.

jolau Sat 16-Jun-07 15:56:14

44 isn't THAT old -you never know until you try ! AT 13 weeks I had a sort of mini labour, hospital ect but physical recovery was very quick, mental took longer and don't forget dad , he suffers too . Hopefully IF yours is a mis it will be a D&C at the most. Hope you don't live in the midst of all the flooding, swimming to hospital could be difficult !!

barney2 Sat 16-Jun-07 15:57:52

Teejay....I do hope it isn't bad news. I had a m/c at 9 weeks a few years ago and I can remember my GP saying to me it was natures way etc etc ... having a m/c is hard enough but atleast, if it is a m/c, you aren't any further into the pregnancy - to lose a baby much later on is much worse.

barney2 Sat 16-Jun-07 15:58:52

I agree...44 isn't that old - you're as old as you feel!!!! I'm 40 and currently feel atleast 81 !!!

teejay Sat 16-Jun-07 16:02:38

beansprout- I didnt want to post on the Feb antenatal site, its the last thing you want to hear when you are all so positive and happy
daisy - I dont want to see anyone - I just keep crying and hate people being embarrassed. I'll be better soon

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teejay Sat 16-Jun-07 16:11:22

I am definitely miscarrying, Hope this wont be tmi but I feel awful that it just gets flushed away. i suppose there's nothing i can do but it just feels so heartless

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daisyboo Sat 16-Jun-07 16:48:57

Oh sorry hun. When I had my mc at 11 weeks I passed a huge clot into the toilet. DH had popped out for a bit and I just sat there on the bathrom floor till he came home and couldn't bring myself to flush the toilet. DH had to prize me away and do it. When we got to the hospital I was scanned and it was just an empty sac....horrible.

It will get better, and I know it was early days, but it was very much a baby in your mind and you need to give yourself time to grieve. I hope you have the strength to try again in a few months.


teejay Sat 16-Jun-07 17:04:37

just grim grim grim

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beansprout Sat 16-Jun-07 17:13:08

teejay, please don't not post on the Feb thread on everyone else's account. People will be concerned about you and will want to support you if you feel you can tell them. Hope you are ok.

Guitargirl Sat 16-Jun-07 17:18:59

I just wanted to say how sorry I am .

DrNortherner Sat 16-Jun-07 17:24:43

Oh Teejay

Sorry this is happenning, it happenned to me too at 11 weeks. It is heartbraking. I know what you mean about getting things right in your head. It's like coping with a shattered dream.

Take care of yourself. It does get easier. Give your ds a big hug tonight

mojosmum Sat 16-Jun-07 18:44:18

Hi teejay i had quite heavy bleeding at 6wks preg & dd is now a health 6yrs old so please keep positive

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