Missed msicarriage or withdrawal bleed

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plummymummy Thu 14-Jun-07 08:22:47

Oh sorry twistedficus - didn't see your most recent post. Very sorry to hear of your loss and wish you all the best ttc when you feel ready x

plummymummy Thu 14-Jun-07 08:21:30

twistedficus - for reassurance you can ask for hcg bloods (the hormone you produce when pregnant - the same one that gives you a positive test). If a pregnancy is viable the level of hcg should double approx every 2 days. If you're going to miscarry (hope not )it can take a while. I went for a scan last November when I should have been nearly 8 weeks pg, scan measured me between 4-5. I was positive of my dates. It took 3 weeks to m/c - mostly gradual bleeding getting heavier as time went on. When did you get your positive test?

spugs Wed 13-Jun-07 21:39:30

really sorry to hear that, hope everythings ok. xxx

twistedficus Tue 12-Jun-07 19:16:04

Hi PeckaRolloverAgain
Thats great, congrats. Good to know that if I get a bleed in the future it wont mean the end of the world.
For this one, unfortunately the sonographer was right as I started to bleed heavily today.
Much more optimistic now though and hopefully body will settle down quickly for the fun of trying again.
Thanks to all for your support

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PeckaRolloverAgain Sun 10-Jun-07 21:58:40

You know, I cant quite remember.

I wasnt trying to get pregnant so couldnt quite remember my LMP.

My most recent period I can remember being very much lighter than usual so the midwife and I agreed that it sounded more like an implantation bleed - SOOOOOOOOOOO when I went for the scan I was taking my LMP as the period before.

BTW Dont for a second think that a bleed has to mean bad things. I bled all the way through my second pregnancy and sometimes they were very heavy. He is 4 in September.

I am now 12 weeks pregnant and have had lots of seperate bleeds with this pregnancy and touch wood everything is ok.

twistedficus Sun 10-Jun-07 21:55:04

Out of interest why were your dates muddled? Was your to do with a withdrawal bleed as well? Just I cant help but think a bleed's a bleed whether withdrawal or period but Im so unsure and still have all these pregnancy symptons. Cruel isnt it?

Spugs, thanks thats very kind of you X

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twistedficus Sun 10-Jun-07 21:51:25

Spugs thats great, I havent heard that saying for years.

Thanks guys. Am kind of trying to grieve whilst still taking vitamins and eating heathy just in case.
Course if and when I bleed I'll crack open those wine bottles that have been taunting me for ages.........
You guys are great for all this support, this morning I was at deaths door and now, well I just look like I am

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PeckaRolloverAgain Sun 10-Jun-07 17:33:53


I went for what I thought was an 8 scan and showed a 5 week sac. I had to go back 2 weeks later where a little 7 weeks +1 bean was growing away and had a heartbeat

I HOPE that this is the same outcome for you.

FWIW I also had a few bleeds so had definitely feared the worst.

spugs Sun 10-Jun-07 17:31:31

af is period means auntie flo!!! I would def. get rescanned, they cant see a heart beat till about 6 weeks or so sometimes even later.It is poss that you concieved later then you think but then it is poss you have miscarried, im not being mean its just awful to get your opes up then have them crushed, i know i did when i miscarried. I really hope things are fine, whatever the outcome people on here are really helpful on just about everything. Ive got my fingers crossed x

twistedficus Sun 10-Jun-07 15:55:57

Hi tess01

Thanks for that and yes I did wonder.

Very sorry all for the spelling, rushing to type and not checking posts properly.

Sorry to bu you spugs but I dont know what an af is? Only joined today so not up to speed with the lingo.
What a fab site though, so good to know Im not alone. Other half tries (is that what a dh is?) but he's only a man after all.......

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tess01 Sun 10-Jun-07 15:37:10

for your own peace of mind dont let them intervene until you have another scan or some prove, otherwise you'll always wonder what if

Good Luck

twistedficus Sun 10-Jun-07 15:30:51

Hi Spugs
No, wasnt my G.P but a Bupa doctor. Hve spent all day on here and eyes now goggly from crying and starining to see screen.
Thinks I'll wait and see and ask for a scan in 2 weeks. That seems to be the done thing?

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spugs Sun 10-Jun-07 14:23:46

with my dd1 my dates were out by 2 weeks, my af had been when i said it was but id ov'd 4 weeks into my cycle. so you could just be less pg then you thought. have they not asked you back for a scan in a couple of weeks?

twistedficus Sun 10-Jun-07 09:16:42

Sorry to hear that lissie but thanks for responding so quickly.

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lissie Sun 10-Jun-07 09:12:58

all of my mcs have been spontaneous and complete so dont know much about it but it cant hurt to ask them and maybe try for another scan.

twistedficus Sun 10-Jun-07 09:09:55

Hi lissie

Thanks for that. Good idea, I feel the same and dont want to hope, just need to know either way.

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lissie Sun 10-Jun-07 08:50:24

dont want to get your hopes up but the dates would tie in. can you call nhs direct today for advice?

twistedficus Sun 10-Jun-07 08:48:24

Forgot to say he said not to do a test as it would probably still show up positive.

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twistedficus Sun 10-Jun-07 08:45:11

Thanks carol3, It was a private hospital as thats the only way to get such an early scan if no previous probs here.
Will call tomorrow but have spent all night grieving and now cant help but hope. Shouldnt Im sure but you know...........

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carol3 Sun 10-Jun-07 08:40:13

can you get back in touch with them and ask, maybe a nurse around or someone who may know,
Have you still got a possitive preg test?
Don't know what elst to suggest, do hope it turns out ok.

twistedficus Sun 10-Jun-07 08:35:29

Please can anyone help?
Yeasterday I went for what I though was my 8 week scan. He struggled to find anything and with an internal scan found what he called a 5 week old foetal sack. He asked me how sure I was with my LMP date and I said very sure.

He sent me home to bleed naturally but Ive looked back and now realise that it wasnt my period but rather my withdrawal bleed 7 days after stopping my pill. Would this make any difference?

I feel Im clutching at straws but could I still be pregnant and just have dates wrong by 3 weeks or is that just ridiculous? I still feel pregnant but how much of that is just longing? Ive had no bleeding or spotting at all so if I'm not pregnant cant help but think how can Mother Nature be so cruel and how long have others left it without bleeding until they intervene?

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