Chromosome Mismatch

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deb5 Fri 20-Aug-04 13:46:39

After suffering 4 miscarriages (but luckily also have a gorgeous son) myself and my partner are now being tested for Chromosome Mismatch.
We have had other tests (ovulation, hormone, platelets, clotting, etc) and have now been advised that although this condition is rare, there is still a chance that either myself or my partner have a chromosome mismatch.
We have to wait 4-6 weeks for the results.
Has anyone undergone this test and can advise us?

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Canadianmom Fri 20-Aug-04 13:53:44

I am not familiar with these tests other than from having read Lesley Reagan's miscarriage book. Sorry that I am of no assistance but I am certain that someone else will be along shortly to offer advice.
Am also currently awaiting test results (just clotting factor and bacteria etc) following our third late miscarriage. It is so hard to have to go through this. Thank heavens for mumsnet or I would have lost my mind this time.

I hope that you get some answers soon. Until then my heart goes out to you.

Fio2 Fri 20-Aug-04 14:22:50

hi deb5, i think someone who is into genetics (maybe tamum) will be able to help you more. i know they are testing my daughter (who has special needs) for a particular condition that does cause miscarriage and stillborn, so maybe thats related to chromosome testing. Sounds very scarey, but its better to know because having repeated miscarriages must be very distressing for you and you partner If it is something to do with gentics or chromosomes, it is better to know and if not it will put your mind at rest and reassure you more. {{{hugs{}}}} to you and I hope tamum can help more, hope I havent upset you xxxxxxxxxxxx

deb5 Fri 20-Aug-04 21:00:22

Fio2 - what is "tamum"? I have looked on the internet and cannot find anything.
(Sorry if I sound a bit dull but I am puzzled!!) Thanks for your info anyway. x

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heartinthecountry Fri 20-Aug-04 21:05:56

tamum is a mumsnetter deb5 - keep bumping this up and maybe she will see it.

Caroline5 Fri 20-Aug-04 21:10:37

Deb5, tamum is the name of another Mumsnetter who is v knowledgeable about genetics. She will probably be pleased to hear you couldn't find anything about her on the internet! Sorry to hear you have had to go through so much and hope you get some answers soon.

zebra Fri 20-Aug-04 21:26:47

I just emailed tamum for you... probalby on hols like the rest of MN. I found a website that says that chromosome mismatch is a common, but usually one-off cause of miscarriages.

tamum Fri 20-Aug-04 21:43:26

Oh, how nice to be wanted, well done zebra! Hello everyone, I wasn't on holiday, just trying to cut down on mumsnetting a bit after getting back.

deb5, hello. I am really sorry to hear about your problems. What a tough time you've had. I have to come clean and say that I have never heard the term "chromosome mismatch", but i am virtually certain that they must mean that they are testing to see if one of you has a balanced translocation. There is a very good explanantion here . I don't think I can usefully add anything at this stage that isn't covered by that article, other than to stress that if this is the cause then you do at least have a 50:50 chance of each pregnancy going normally. Not that easy to bear though, I know. IVF and preimplantation diagnosis would be a possibility, but not for the faint-hearted.

I'll be very glad to try and answer any questions if you think I can help. It would be good if someone else came along with personal experience, wouldn't it.

Caroline5, you're right, I am relieved to know I'm not on a website somewhere, other than here of course

deb5 Tue 24-Aug-04 19:19:12

Thank you to tamum and all others who responded to my "chromosome mismatch" questions.
Tamum - your link was very helpful.
We have to now get on with our lives as best we can until the results come through in approx one months time.
(sad) When I suffered my first two miscarriages in 1996 and 1998, and also the ectopic pregnancy last year I had no one to talk to who really understood.
Thank goodness this time I have access to the internet and have discovered "mumsnetters" as you have all been a great help to me. (smile).

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tamum Tue 24-Aug-04 19:34:08

Well bless you. I will keep my fingers crossed for you, and do let us know how it goes.

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