Pregnancy hormone and mc advice please

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spugs Tue 05-Jun-07 18:47:34

Hi does anyone know how long the hormone stays in your system for? I miscarried just over 3 weeks ago, was complete and bleeding stopped after a week. My follow up scan showed that i was about to ov. This was just over a week ago and im still geeting BFP. My second question is can you get your period when you are still getting bfps? Im crampy and feel like its coming but rad somewhere else this was impossible till hormone was out of system. Sorry for banging on but getting fed up of not having a clue about whats going on with my insides. thanks

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neolara Tue 05-Jun-07 19:52:38

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage.

The length of time the pregnancy hormones stay in your blood depends on how far along the pregnancy was when it ended. If you miscarried at 12 weeks when HCG is at it's highest level, it can take a month or more to clear from your system. If you miscarried at 6 weeks or so it would be much quicker. I can't remember exactly, but it's something like your levels halve every 48 (or 36) hours. I got this information from Lesley Regan's book "Miscarriage, what every woman should know" so I think it's probably pretty reliable.

I don't want to get your hopes up, but I would have thought it was pretty odd to ovulate if still had HCG in your body. If you did have some residual hormones, surely your body would still think you were pregnant and so would not ovulate. (This is just me thinking this through as I don't remember reading anything about this in the book.) Did you test around the time you had your follow up scan? There seem to be a lot of people on Mumsnet who got pregnant immediately after their miscarriage.

I've lost two pregnancies and it's a horrible time. But it does get better. I really hope everything works out for you.

lissie Tue 05-Jun-07 20:55:07

spugs, have you spoken to your gp or epu about this? it all sounds very odd. which tests are you using?

jess1996 Wed 06-Jun-07 08:34:44

Hi spugs. I had a mmc in Feb. It was a twin pregnancy which ended at 7.5 weeks, but I didn't find out until 12 weeks. I had drugs to induce a mc and the mc was complete. I got my last bfp 4 and a half weeks after the mc. This was the same time as my af started. I have no idea if I OVd that month or not. I read that you can OV when you still have hcg in your body, but that the hcg has to fall below a certain level (lower than LH I think). I think that if you don't OV then you can still have breakthrough bleeding, which looks like AF. I mentioned all this to my gp and she basically thought it was nothing to worry about. I would probably test again in a few days and see if the bfp gets stronger or weaker.

spugs Wed 06-Jun-07 12:46:04

Hiya thanks for answering - i mc at 6.5 weeks and found out a couple of days later, it was a single pregnancy. Im going to wait another week or so and see what happens then if nothings changed go to the docs. I keep on hoping there could be another one in there but it would be way to early to get a bfp of it (IM CD 24) i now know why they tell you to wait so you arent driven mad by am i or is it just left over thoughts! Im going to test in a couple of days, Idid think the last on i did was slightly stronger but then again it may have been wishful thinking as the i couldnt sleep last night as i kept cramping.

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Glimmer Wed 06-Jun-07 17:00:58

Hi Spugs. Hmm, soory to hear about your mc and that you are in limbo right now. I am impressed that you had a follow-up scan after mc, that showed that your mc was complete and you are about to ovulate -- that is very progressive for this country...

I second Jess. You can ovulate and get AF even if HCG is still in your blood, but has fallen below a certain level (which I do not know :-()

But: if you ovulated around at d12, then it's entirely possible that you are pg again. You can test positive 10d after ovulation.

Was in the same position and this is when you wish you had taken that test 10d earlier, when it was the least thing on your mind. In my case the reason was incomplete mc though, so had my hopes up for nothing...

I wish you better luck!

spugs Wed 06-Jun-07 18:43:24

Well just did a test when I got home and it was a bfn - think that af may well be iminent as crampy, feel sick and bloated. Must just be having a very short cycle cos of mc. Feel a bit gutted as i couldnt help get my hopes up as I dont normally get pms this early but never mind. Have written this month off and now just need af to arrive. thanks for the help

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Glimmer Thu 07-Jun-07 09:29:26

Sorry for the bfn :-( But it means you have the all clear now and when you see a line from now on you will now... AF can be all over the place for a while, so entirely possible to have short cycle. Hope you are recovering well and it won't be too long before you see another BFP ... All the best

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