my neighbours dd died yesterday

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misdee Sat 02-Jun-07 17:06:27

they think it was cardiomyopathy

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Freckle Sat 02-Jun-07 17:06:51

Oh how sad. How old was she?

misdee Sat 02-Jun-07 17:07:36

17 i think. she had a lot of other 'issues' as well.

i dont know how to help them.

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NuttyMuffins Sat 02-Jun-07 17:07:43

Oh god, how awful.

Flower3554 Sat 02-Jun-07 17:08:38

Oh how awful. So young

nogoes Sat 02-Jun-07 17:09:03

Very sad

Desiderata Sat 02-Jun-07 17:13:05

Oh, misdee. How to help? Does anyone have the answer to that?

It's overwhelming when someone loses a child.

My MIL lost her son at 19 (he was my fiance at the time). This was many years ago, and she doesn't talk about it much, but when she was struggling to cope, she really felt the lack of human contact. No one came round.

I once asked her what anyone could have done. She was pragmatic (she still is). 'Nothing' was her answer. 'But couldn't someone just have come round and held my hand?'

misdee Sat 02-Jun-07 17:16:38

oh des, i wish i could, but cardiomyopathy scares me(dh has it). its cutting very deep right now.

just sorting out some flowers for them.

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noddyholder Sat 02-Jun-07 17:16:53

Oh god that is awful and another reminder of how serious this condition is.You aren't really in a position to help her though as you are run off your feet yourself Maybe a card saying you are thinking of them.Quite unusual for it to happen to a girl at that age

misdee Sat 02-Jun-07 17:18:32

the other medical problems as well ties in noddy. their other children now have to be checked. am feeling very very sad for them all.

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Pinkchampagne Sat 02-Jun-07 17:19:42

Oh how awful

Mercy Sat 02-Jun-07 17:21:07

Desiderata, that is so sad and very moving.


Desiderata Sat 02-Jun-07 17:21:34

I can understand that, misdee. For what it's worth, I didn't visit my fiance's mum after his death, because I was going through my own private hell. I didn't practice what I preach

But flowers and a well-chosen card can be a great help.

GreebosWhiskers Sat 02-Jun-07 17:21:45

That is so so sad misdee. I guess all you can really do is let them know you're thinking of them.

bewilderbeast Sat 02-Jun-07 17:50:23

oh that's so sad the poor family

shhhh Sat 02-Jun-07 22:28:15

suppose just letting her know you are there and offering support she may need..not necessary emotinal support ask if she needs owt when you pop to tesco for example may be a great help for her..??

Such a shame. .

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