had missed mc erpc yesterday

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hertsnessex Wed 16-May-07 14:07:07

sorry to hear this. something v similar happened to me.

we bought a 'remember me' rose and planted that, i look at it every day.

good luck ttc again soon.


Verso Wed 16-May-07 14:02:11

You have my sympathy, alinjosh. I discovered I'd had a missed miscarriage when I went for my 12 week scan last month. I have been wondering about memorials but haven't done anything as yet. I've been waiting for AF to return so we can try again - although various home/work issues may prevent us trying again as soon as we'd hoped. Anyway - I was told up to 6 weeks for AF to come back, as the ERPC can mess your cycles up, but AF has arrived today, exactly one month later so...

Pinkrangers - I had a similar experience with waiting for the op itself. I think that was the hardest part at the time.

Good to hear the positive stories of pgs afterwards.

Alinjosh - not sure what to suggest re memorials but everyone here I'm sure knows that you will NEVER forget your lost babies.

titchy77 Wed 16-May-07 12:44:25

Sympathies alinjosh, i had a missed m/c at 13 weeks in 2005 and was devasted. We planted a tree in our garden which flowers every spring, around the time our baby was due, it helped me knowing i had something in my babys memory. I now have a baby daughter whom i cherish every day. I hope things start going your way soon. xxx

footsie Tue 15-May-07 14:11:52

Hi I am so sorry for your loss, we found out that we had lost our baby at a 12 week scan on the 2nd of may. Our baby was 9 weeks and we were 12weeks on, I had had no symptoms and also had to have an erpc. I had very little bleeding and like you was given the same advice about trying again. We are in the process of moving home but plan to plant something in our new garden on the babies due date as a reminder for what we lost. My parents did this when i was a child and it help us all.


DimpledThighs Tue 15-May-07 12:05:48


this happened to me to and I got pregant soon after and gave birth to a wonderful daughter.

Getting a memento is a lovely idea - I have a photo frame with some bits from the time (silly things - receipts etc) that I like as it is around me all the time and I can take it with me if I go anywhere. A candle / candle holder is a lovely idea too. It is nice to have something to focus on when you want to allow the memories to flow and a candle would be ideal.

pinkrangerstartstowaddle Tue 15-May-07 11:58:37

I really feel for you. This hhappened to me in August last year ,went for a scan at 10 weeks and there was no heartbeat and baby was only measuring 6+4, i knew my dates were right. I also had an erpc that in itself wasn't to bad but kept waiting by the hospital over 8 hours for the op, didn't leave until 10pm was so tired, emotionally and physically!

They also told us to wait 1 month but we waited 3 months before officially trying and fell pg the month after that. I am now currently 26 weeks gone, so it all can turn out good in the end.

I found that i wanted to remember my baby some how so on their Edd i planted some lilys in the garden and they have just started coming in to bloom, they are vibrant and bright and always make me smile when i see them!

look after yourself! xxxx

mumto3girls Tue 15-May-07 11:57:21

Sorry you've had togo through this. I have had 5mcs one was a missed one picked up at 12 week scan... ihad erpc too.

ihad mc injune 2004 and thenfellpg with dd3 in august.
i had mc this year inmarch,haven't evenhad af inbetween and i amnow pg again...and keeping fingers crossed.

Try again as soon as you feel able. Good Luck!


Mumpbump Tue 15-May-07 11:55:43

Sorry for your loss.

Quite a few people on here have planted plants for their babies; I got my sister to light candles at her Roman Catholic church.

I think m/c can throw your cycle out so whilst you are meant to be most fertile following childbirth or a m/c, you have no idea when you ovulate. I found that the increase cervical mucus was a good indicator.

Hope you recover from the ERPC quickly.

alinjosh Tue 15-May-07 11:52:41

Hi we found out our baby had no hb at 8 week scan on 27th april 2007 they told us to go back for another scan in 2 weeks as baby was only measuring 6 weeks and no hb so thought it was just to early and not to worry,i still had all pg symptoms so was thinking positive we went for the 2nd scan on 11th may when i would have been 10 weeks pg but sadly there was no change and our precious baby had no hb so was booked in for erpc on monday 13th may,went in monday morning and had the procedure done,have had no pain and only very light bleeding which has nearly stopped today,we have been told we can try again straight away but advised to wait for 1 full cycle and we will get an early reassurance scan when i am pg again,i lost a baby at 6 weeks to a misscarraige in 2004 and only took 2 month to concieve our ds now 2 will it happen quickly again.

We will never forget our precious lost angels and looking to have some kind of memorial ie candle or something anyone got any ideas


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