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What happens to us when we die?

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BeauMirchoff Sun 11-Feb-18 21:00:21

Just that, really. Mum passed away three weeks ago. I keep thinking about her and wondering...where is she now? What happened to her beautiful soul?
Apologies if this is a ridiculous question, I'm in a very bad place...

BeesAndChiscuits Sun 11-Feb-18 21:04:12

I’m sorry for your loss. flowers

We can’t know what happens, and people with different faiths and no faith will have different answers to your question.

But as long as you still remember and love your Mum then something of her is still living with us, because she’s there in your consciousness and in others’.

RefuseTheLies Sun 11-Feb-18 21:05:50

I’m so sorry for your loss flowers.

I wish I had answers about what happens when we die, but truth is that no one really know for sure. I am an atheist but in the weeks and months after I lost my mum, I badly wanted to believe in some sort of afterlife because I couldn’t fathom never seeing her again.

Hassled Sun 11-Feb-18 21:08:01

Do you have children? I can see lots of my late parents in my DCs - there will be a look or a smile or a comment and I'll remember that my parents are never really very far away. It has given me a lot of comfort.

It's really early days for you - I'm sorry, I know how awful it is. When you're ready, please have a think about some bereavement counselling - look at the Cruse website. It does help.

sirlee66 Sun 11-Feb-18 21:22:44

So sorry for your loss, OP.

My college tutor used to say that we are made up of kenetic energy and when we die, the entry flows into the living things around us... The trees, the flowers, the sunshine.. therefore sustaining life.

I like that.

Wherever your DM is, OP. She'll always be with you xxx

sirlee66 Sun 11-Feb-18 21:23:21

The energy flows**

Not the entry!!

BeauMirchoff Sun 11-Feb-18 22:06:00

Thank you all for your replies.
I guess I just want my Mum to be somewhere where she's happy... she suffered a lot throughout her life...she was a complicated, misunderstood soul... not made for this world, really

beelover Mon 12-Feb-18 11:56:54

I am so sorry for your loss. I saw this recently which I can really relate to with regard to my lovely DM, I hope it brings you a little comfort too.

"The life of one we love is never lost, its influence goes on through all the lives it ever touched."

Samewitches Mon 12-Feb-18 20:16:52

I'm sorry for your loss. The fact is no-one knows what happens when we die, all we can do is believe whatever brings us most comfort. So for some that will be that your soul goes to heaven, or for others that everything just stops for example. As sir says above, I like an idea that I heard that there is no 'soul' as such but that our souls are the conscious part of us which is energy. When we die that energy is released and although we no longer have the consciousness it goes on to be part of everything- wind blowing, grass growing, rain, the sea. I like the idea that my loved ones who have died are part of that. I can't think about it for too long because it starts to fall apart (which is why I'm not religious) but I like walking in a downpour and feeling the rain on my skin might be partly my mum's energy, or seeing the wind ripple over the grass in a place I went with my beloved dog and thinking it somehow relates to her being there.

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