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Dealing with family

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BonfiresOfInsanity Tue 30-Jan-18 11:50:02

I'm feeling particularly upset today.

My DM died this summer and my DSis and I are her executors and were also her POAs. I come from a large family with very strong personalities. The last six months have been hellish and stressful due to some members of the family being as difficult, obstructive and unhelpful as they possibly can be. We are just about wrapping up things with DM's estate and there has been yet another incident over the past couple of days where one particular sibling has been a complete bitch. Grabby, greedy and plain nasty and accusing us of all sorts. I am at a point where I never want to see her or her family ever again. We have always been a close family and these past 6 months have torn us apart. My mum would be devastated at the behaviour. I am ashamed of them.

It's also 10 years ago today that my DDad died and it all just feels really shit. How have others managed to get through this? How do I stay strong and not let them get to me? sad

JohnThomas69 Wed 14-Feb-18 05:06:44

Only way to a clear conscience is to carry out according to what your mother wished.
Been in a similar position, coming from a large family with many brothers and sisters.
Fortunately there was only one that seemed rather reluctant and a bit miffed with the arrangement. Legally they didn't have much of a leg to stand on but even if they had I would have fought it all the way because it went against the my mother's express wishes.
You'll never keep everyone totally happy in a situation like this, especially when emotions are high so as a general rule i tried to remain detached from the emotional side and let solicitor deal with the legalities. It can be a long drawn out affair mind you. I'm sure it was about 2 years in my case.(the solicitors need the odd kick up the ar## every now and then to keep things moving)

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