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Staceyk Tue 27-Jul-04 08:44:44

Hello I'm probably being far too paranoid but....
I am 9-10wks pg, for the first time ever, I have PCOS so had been trying for over 18 months.
I know that women with PCOS have a higher chance of m/c. I am not sleeping at the moment, and I think it's mainly through fear!
I worry as I don't have any symptoms at all. However I haven't had any bleeding or spotting at all, which brings me to my question, if you don't bleed at all does that mean baby fine?? I am due for scan this Friday 30th and then 12wk scan 18th Aug, but I can't help lurking in these m/c threads reading such sad stories of m/c at 10-12wks! and later!
I'm sorry if this is insensative, especially as many of you have experienced these very sad losses, and I'm only paranoid! but I thought you're the most experienced people here.

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Ghosty Tue 27-Jul-04 09:19:58

Hi Stacey!
First of all congratulations on your pregnancy
Secondly it is really natural to worry .... I think most people do. The first 12 weeks are awful and worrying .... I remember them well ...
I tend to suffer morning sickness when I am pregnant but there are lots of people who sail through without any of those early symptoms so try not to think it is a bad thing ....
If you are not bleeding or spotting then that is a good sign ...
Not long to go for your scan and you can have your mind set at rest.
And thirdly ... you are not being insensitive ... this is mumsnet ... it is here for anyone to ask any sort of question and seek advice on anything ...
Hugs {{{}}}

Angeliz Tue 27-Jul-04 09:23:40

Staceyk, just wanted to say that with my first baby,(dd aged 3), i had no spotting, sickness or anything! She was a breeze and still is
Am 9 weeks pregnant now and queesy at times but not VERY sick or bleeding or anything.
I think every one is different.
GOOD LUCK for you scan+

hana Tue 27-Jul-04 09:42:06

hi Staceyk - big congratulations on your pregnancy!! That's fab even more so that you were ttc for such a long time
I have had 2 miscarriages and a termination for multiple chromosome abnormalities......and am now 19 weeks pregnant. The fear and worry you talk about is the same for me - some days I still can't quite believe I am pregnant. Those early days were so very long and time seemed to stand still. But since the 12 week scan time really has flown by - seeing the baby kicking and alive and well really does help. You really aren't that far away!! The time between 12 and 20 weeks is a long stretch too, but by then you grow out ( a lot in my case) and that is a great sign, and I started feeling the baby move about 3 weeks ago, and that's incredibly reassuring.

I would certainly stop reading those threads!!!!

I don't know why we do that to ourselves (I was the same with this pregnancy a few months ago) but I don't think it really does any good. Focus on the positive things, that you are pregnant and can start to get ready for this little person!! There are some other sites that give you a day by day account of what is happening to the babe - that's far more interesting reading I think!

Friday is only a few days away for your first scan, and that will help a great deal. Let us know how it all goes!!

Staceyk Tue 27-Jul-04 10:47:22

Thank you all, your thoughts are comforting, I'll let you all know how Friday goes xx

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zoz Wed 28-Jul-04 03:52:12

Hey StaceyK.

Good luck with your scan on Friday.

I know how worrying it is. I was always so aprehesive and panicky always wanting to know the news. Unfortunatly I had a m/c last month though.

Everything will be good for you but, I'm sure and even more confident for you as you say you've had no blood/spotting or any of the worrying sypmtoms.

Just hang in there and maybe as Hana said stop reading these m/c threads in MN. Maybe anyway.

Staceyk Wed 04-Aug-04 09:31:01

Hi All
Had my scan on Friday and all ok, not very nice lady scanning though, still no clearer on dates, either 9-10 wks? Still no sign of a midwife etc!

But at least mind put at rest for a while, and DH got to see little one. Roll on 18th August for proper 12 wks scan! And then we can start telling people, fingers crossed (can't wait for that bit) gonna be a long fortnight!

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Ghosty Wed 04-Aug-04 09:32:56

That's great news Stacey

hana Wed 04-Aug-04 09:34:09

great news Stacey, the 18th isn't that far away now!

Azure Wed 04-Aug-04 09:34:40

I'm so glad all went well at your scan Stacey.

Hulababy Wed 04-Aug-04 09:37:02

Great news Stacey. The 18th will be here sooner than you realise.

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