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Just want to shout.....

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stillgrieving Sun 03-Dec-17 20:51:02

"Not another one!!"
Since 2013 I've lost my mother adored by both myself and my children, and who I'm struggling to get over loosing, my father and now today my lovely FIL. It's crap for me but bloody awful for my children. My younger has DC in this time period has also lost his best friend in a freak accident and is really really struggling to come to terms with it although the wonderful amazing Cruise have really helped him.
I know it life but I just want to shout and say "not another one please". .

stillgrieving Sun 03-Dec-17 20:54:42

Also just want to moan that Ive become a I've become a bloody expert on probate, death certificates funerals, ringing round telling people X has died etc.
I'm sorry sometimes you have to write it down somewhere I'm tired of "doing so well".

butterfly990 Sun 03-Dec-17 22:29:58

flowers I was n the process of arranging bereavement counselling for my DD and the counselor asked me for my background. I started on the list and she just said "wow how about some help for yourself"

I empathize. I found looking at old photos and playing music helped, I allowed myself sessions of this with a good cry but then told myself to get back to working on helping the kids.

Look after yourself

Hotpinkangel19 Mon 04-Dec-17 16:29:20

@stillgrieving I know how that feels - I lost both my parents this year, Mum in June and Dad in August. I seem to know how to arrange a funeral with my eyes closed ☹️ Yet to go through probate as I can't face it ☹️

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