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I'm doing a Mumsnet FB live tomorrow talking about my bereavement experiences

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daisymama Tue 07-Nov-17 17:45:38


I've never posted here before mainly because of my complex story I belong to so many tribes - widow, bereaved mum, SN mum, carer etc etc. I've been writing my blog for 9 years now , documenting life caring for my four children, the youngest of whom was born with a rare genetic disorder (plus my two boys have Aspergers). In 2014 my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and he died a year later, I became the sole parent of my four grieving children with no extended family support nearby (my dad had died of the same cancer in 2000). Sadly my youngest daughter Daisy died at the end of January this year, 13 months after Andy. I had been writing a book about my experiences when Daisy died and it was published in September on what would have been my 25th Wedding anniversary. The lovely people at Mumsnet has asked me to do a FB live tomorrow and I wanted to let you know so if you are around you can join in - despite everything life has thrown at me I remain determined to thrive and not just survive and I am happy to answer any questions on grief and bereavement and what I have done at each stage. Hope to meet some of you online tomorrow xx

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