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Uncle passed away today

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upsidedownfrown Tue 31-Oct-17 16:26:08

He was diagnosed with cancer about 5 or 6 weeks ago. Had been home for about a week. He has learning difficulties and wasn't really aware of his illness but he really suffered. It was a gruelling few weeks. It's also grandads birthday. He's lost his son on his birthday. It wasn't really expected. I can't tell the kids today as they're all excited to go trick or treating. Is it cruel if I wait till tomorrow? They've never dealt with death before. My child has high functioning autism and will associate Halloween with dying. That's the way his mind works

PandorasXbox Tue 31-Oct-17 18:10:48

I’m so sorry. Your poor grandad too.
Take care of yourself flowers

LuckyBitches Wed 01-Nov-17 12:34:02

It's not cruel to wait until tomorrow (today!). You're looking out for your kids. I'm sorry flowers

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