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My amazing dad is dying

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timefliesby Sun 29-Oct-17 21:00:40

And I'm totally heart broken. My parents split when I was 3, I'm an only child and spent weekends with him cycling, playing games, swimming. He is the kindest, funniest, loveliest dad ever. My friends wanted him to be their dad. I just turned 40 and life is busy, I have two children and a full time job, my step-mum cares for him. I get on with my days with a background sadness and occasionally it envelopes me and I cry long and hard all day, today was one of those days. He has end stage heart failure and is housebound, struggling to breathe and horribly depressed. Although no medical professional will talk to me, it's not like cancer where there's palliative care. Woth heart disease no one knows, so they don't bother with any support. It is too sad seeing him like this. I feel so alone, even though I'm married (my husband works away in the week). Every time I ask my step-mum how she is she says "I'm fine."
Work keep plugging in event dates and I don't want to see anyone or go anywhere. I just want to be at home.

doodle01 Sun 29-Oct-17 23:45:19

Think of good times
End of life comes to us all
Palliative care is not just for cancer ?
I have friend who goes to a hospice in the week for a day and returns home change of surroundings etc is this not possible
Your waiting for the end but it may not come as soon as you think my father was given 6 monthsish 4 years ago and is still ok and getting around
Don’t dwell on the black side enjoy those moments you can

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