Life is shite sometimes

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themaskedpoEAster Sun 01-Apr-07 19:23:31

DH been called to his Dads bedside
He (FIL) has cancer and has about an hour left in this world
Sitting here in and out of tears
Feel so sorry for DH and MIL
Life SUCKS sometimes

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PeachyClair Sun 01-Apr-07 19:24:28

Not much I can say but <<<hugs>>>

themaskedpoEAster Sun 01-Apr-07 19:26:48

thanks peachy

it really is the most heinous horrible nasty illness

just feel so sad

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hunkermunker Sun 01-Apr-07 19:27:07

Oh, sweetheart

PeachyClair Sun 01-Apr-07 19:28:51

It is an evvil illness.

I expect you know this, but the Macmillan Cancer Website now has a support area should your DH need to chat to someone in the same situation over the next X months (or years).

Of course, thats not to say he isnt welcome here. He is.

Nbg Sun 01-Apr-07 19:29:31

Am so so sorry

WelshBoris Sun 01-Apr-07 19:30:06

Love,hugs and thoughts for you and your family TMP x x x

Califrau Sun 01-Apr-07 19:30:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tortoise Sun 01-Apr-07 19:32:06

themaskedpoEAster Sun 01-Apr-07 19:33:36

first time I've had to use MN as a 'support' as such ...

Thank you so much ladies - it's nice to know I'm not 'alone' IYSWIM

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SpookyMadBunny Sun 01-Apr-07 20:00:23

Sending you {{{{hugs}}}} hun, you know where I am if you need to chat XXX

theheadgirl Sun 01-Apr-07 20:22:19

Sending {{{{hugs}}}} TMP, sorry to hear what you are going through

PelvicfloornomoreChocolate Sun 01-Apr-07 20:23:25


Frizbe Sun 01-Apr-07 20:24:10

{{{{Hugs}}}}} hope he's not in too much pain at the end.

pinkchampagne Sun 01-Apr-07 20:25:57

So sorry.

prawnsmum Sun 01-Apr-07 20:26:48

so sorry

harpsichordcarrier Sun 01-Apr-07 20:27:11

oh lordy
I am very sorry for your loss and your dh's

ScoobyDooooo Sun 01-Apr-07 20:27:52

So sorry to hear this

Socci Sun 01-Apr-07 20:28:43

Message withdrawn

EasterSparklerEgg Sun 01-Apr-07 20:29:03

Thinking of you all at this terribly sad time.

BeckleSpeckledEgg Sun 01-Apr-07 20:33:11

how sad big hugs to you, DH and MIL.
I know I don't know you but I lost my Mum to cancer last year and your post touched me. Life is very unfair. It is lovely that your DH can be with his father and is probably something he will draw great comfort from in the hours, days and weeks ahead.

childern Sun 01-Apr-07 20:41:00

I'm sooo sorry to hear about your sad news. Just before xmas my dad was told that he only has about 2 years left it's the worst felling in the world I fell for you both.

childern Sun 01-Apr-07 20:41:45

I'm sooo sorry to hear about your sad news. Just before xmas my dad was told that he only has about 2 years left it's the worst felling in the world I feel for you both.

HEIFER Sun 01-Apr-07 20:57:00

TMP - I am so sorry... I have missed you a couple of times on MSN and don't have your mobile..

I hope you are ok, and yes life does suck sometimes, but also lots of happy times and in time you will see that...

Chin up, take your makeup off so it doesn't smudge and have a good cry...

You know where I am if you need me (that is if we can ever get on MSN at the same time)....

VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 01-Apr-07 21:06:13


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