Happy Birthday Nana

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Paddlechick666 Sun 01-Apr-07 09:56:05

You would've been 102 today and it's the first birthday since you died.

I'm thinking of you today, like I do most days. Especially I'm thinking of this day last year and remembering how lovely it was.

Your great-grandaughter is just amazing. Walking and talking and getting into all sorts of mischief! She's a determined little thing too, we think she takes after you!

All my love, always.

ps: Mumsnetters, no need for any responses. Just wanted to "verbalise" thoughts for my Nana on this special day.

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suedonim Sun 01-Apr-07 12:32:46

Ah, that's lovely, Paddlechick. I did a similar thread for my dad earlier this year. Happy memories of your beloved Nana.

Paddlechick666 Sun 01-Apr-07 16:49:25

suedonim, I think I might've got the inspiration from you to do it.

thank you.

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