(hopefully) an article that can offer some comfort to amnyone that has lost a child

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zookeeper Wed 28-Mar-07 18:21:53

I've just read an article by Bel mooney in today's Times 2 on this and wopndered if it might help someone in some small way - it's on page 8 - can anyone do a link for me please?

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Marina Wed 28-Mar-07 18:24:32

let's see if this works

Bel Mooney helped found SANDS

zookeeper Wed 28-Mar-07 18:26:07

Thanks Marina

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zookeeper Wed 28-Mar-07 18:31:34

Has anyone met her? She always seems so wise and kind.

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Marina Wed 28-Mar-07 19:21:17

Never met her but agree she is a great journalist and very wise woman

Tommy Wed 28-Mar-07 19:39:25

it's an excellent answer to the reader's question - so compassionate

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