This time tommorow my lovely Nan wont be here.......

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Nemo2007 Thu 15-Mar-07 19:35:05

...I cant stop crying, have spent all afternoon with her and she is a husk of her former self. They have said she will be gone by tommorow

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LilyLoo Thu 15-Mar-07 19:35:46

[hug] Are you going back?

cazzybabs Thu 15-Mar-07 19:36:12

lulumama Thu 15-Mar-07 19:36:29

bless you nemo.....

Nemo2007 Thu 15-Mar-07 19:37:37

lilyloo no there are soo many people there at the minute its horrible. I spent 3hrs there today and its just watching her breathing getting slower

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shonaspurtle Thu 15-Mar-07 19:38:03

I'm so sorry nemo

flossie64 Thu 15-Mar-07 19:38:44

I am so sorry for you
My dad is dying at the moment and its very difficult.
I try to think that they are not suffering anymore and always remember them as the bright light in your lifethat they were before they took ill.x

VioletBaudelaire Thu 15-Mar-07 19:38:45


VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 15-Mar-07 19:39:00

oh its hard, isnt it? So sorry Nemo

jollymum Thu 15-Mar-07 19:39:04

So sad for you, if you can and don't feel like going back, light a candle and think about her. She's always going to be your nan and try and remember the times when she was healthier. {sad]

LilyLoo Thu 15-Mar-07 19:40:38

It's so awful but wonder if they feel they have to hang on longer when everyone there. It's awful you just don't think you will ever watch someone die.

Nemo2007 Thu 15-Mar-07 19:42:19

flossie I am sorry about your dad

my nan was like a mum to me, I have a better relationship with her than I do my mum so it is devestating that my children will never really know her

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DimpledThighs Thu 15-Mar-07 19:44:22

oh sweetheart

flossie64 Thu 15-Mar-07 19:46:13

My daughter keeps telling me that dad won't be lonely that her gran is on a cloud already and that she's waiting for him. ( she's only 4yrs old)
Maybe thats a way of speaking to them about it all and it might help you a bit aswell.xx

wurlywurly Thu 15-Mar-07 19:46:24

nemo <<<<<<big hugs>>>>>

LilyLoo Thu 15-Mar-07 19:46:36

Nemo how old your DC'S ? You will have to have plenty of pictures around and talk about her often i found that helped when i lost my mum.

Nemo2007 Thu 15-Mar-07 19:48:26

my DC are 3,14mths and 2mths. DS loves nanny B to bits and knows a lot about her even thought she has lived in spain half the year for the past 6yrs. I had to tell him she was very ill and will be going to heaven soon, he said its ok because his goldfish chips is there..simplicity of kids.

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linjasmom Thu 15-Mar-07 19:59:44

so sorry.... thinking of you!

Califrau Thu 15-Mar-07 20:06:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harpsichordcarrier Thu 15-Mar-07 20:10:33

oh nemo I am very sorry for your loss
sending love, HC xx

Mercy Thu 15-Mar-07 20:12:03

Oh nemo how old is your nan?

And Flossie too

Nemo2007 Thu 15-Mar-07 20:13:57

Mercy she is 72 but was always a young 72, you would never have thought she was more than 60, then all of a sudden the cancer struck and this deterioration has taken a whole 3mths

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mollymawk Thu 15-Mar-07 20:14:39

Nemo, much sympathy for this. Thinking of you.

baggybelly Thu 15-Mar-07 20:26:21

Nemo, thinking of you and your Nan at this tough time. Hold on to your memories of your Nan at her best - they will last you a life time. God bless xx

Hulababy Thu 15-Mar-07 20:33:07

So sorry Nemo.

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