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SUDC - Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood

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Alifoxy Tue 13-Mar-07 20:19:40

With the recent plight of Maude and her family I was interest if anyone has ever heard of the above and come across the organisation which supports this. I am proactively trying to create an awareness of this issue in the UK, and would like to hear from people who have or havent heard of this. I will be happy to share what I am hoping to achieve and fund raising I am currently doing in relation to this.

Frizbe Tue 13-Mar-07 20:22:24

I saw the case in the dredded 'Sun' of the 4 year old, whose brother found her dead in the morning, does this count

Alifoxy Tue 13-Mar-07 20:25:13

I havent heard of that one Frizbe. The causes are unknown, very similar to SIDS, the child goes to sleep and doesn't wake up, though no illness is present and for no apparant reason...

Hulababy Tue 13-Mar-07 20:27:28

Sadly it can happen at all ages I think. I know of a a 20 year old who died unexpectedly and with no apparant reason in their sleep.

Alifoxy Tue 13-Mar-07 20:29:00

SUDC came to my attention when a little boy Cooper Joshua Eason passed away at 22 months.

It is not well know...and with all the fund raising for Maude, and I have been working to create an awareness I was particularly interest if anyone was aware of this...

Thanks all for taking the time

Pennies Tue 13-Mar-07 20:29:06

I also know of two adult cases. Sorry but can't help with child ones. Good luck with it all though.

triplets Tue 13-Mar-07 22:15:24

Is this organization only for sudden death when the child has died in its sleep, or any other type of sudden death?

expatinscotland Tue 13-Mar-07 22:16:28

There's an active organisation in the US for the loved ones of people who died of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome in their late teens.

triplets Tue 13-Mar-07 22:18:10

Is that SADS, we have that here, I sometimes help on the phone, talking to a parent.

JanH Tue 13-Mar-07 22:30:04

A local girl died a few months ago, aged 23-24 (not sure but she was in the year below DD1 at school) - at home, perfectly well, parents/boyfriend/siblings in house, popped downstairs for something and collapsed and died.

The brother of Gaby Yorath died similarly aged about 15 and I know there are others. It happens more often than we are generally aware of.

Good luck with your efforts, Alifoxy.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 13-Mar-07 22:35:15

Ali - I've looked at Cooper's website. I'm so sorry for your loss.

I've heard of SUD but not come across that particular organsiation. In the UK we have and SADS tends towards death caused by arrythmia. I've also had contact with an organisation in the UK called c-r-y (cardiac risk in the young) again dealing with sudden death with a cardiac related cause. Maybe some of these sites would post a link to the SUDC site.

Kif Tue 13-Mar-07 22:40:51

Can I ask in the most respectful way possible what the point is of raising awareness that our kids might drop dead inexplicably at any moment?

With SIDS, there are very definite and researched recomendations for reducing the risk that are being publicised. Do you have a similar message to spread?

littlelapin Tue 13-Mar-07 22:42:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

triplets Tue 13-Mar-07 22:47:44

There should be more awareness because it is more common than you could ever imagine. My lovely Matthew was almost 15 when he died suddenly, he was never ever ill, it is the most heartbreaking shock, I will never get over it.

littlelapin Tue 13-Mar-07 22:49:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Saturn74 Tue 13-Mar-07 22:53:10

3andnomore Tue 13-Mar-07 22:53:47

I have read, in a german magazine, not sure which rag, about a dady who died sleeping, whilest his lil one was sleeping on his chest, and his wife found him when she returned home from shopping, the child coouldn't understand at all why his daddy didn't wake up...really heartbreaking!

AbbyLou Wed 14-Mar-07 19:10:59

My ds's childminder lost a daughter aged 14. It was half term and her mum thought she was just sleeping late because she had been babysitting the night before. When her younger sister, then 10, went in to her she found her dead. It totally devastated the whole family. She had been suffering from unexplained faints and dizzy spells and her death was found to be from Long QT SYndrome which is a heart condition. They never knew she had it. All the family were tested and it was found her younger sister also had it. She has been on medication ever since but almost died last year. The only reason she survived was because she had had a funny turn and was in hospital when her heart stoppped. She has now had an operation to fit a defribrillator which shockes her heart if it stops. It is very, very frightening.

Alifoxy Wed 14-Mar-07 19:20:06

Hi all

Thanks for your comments, I think there is some confusion SUDC support children over the age of 12 months who succumb to as with Maude who sadly passed in January. Its not due to the heart stopping, they stop breathing as in SIDS.

In the posting it was asking why raise the issue of our children dying. Its a difficult area I agree, but most people believe the risk of SIDS disappears after the age of 12 doesnt. Cooper and Maude sadly show this.

MerlinsBeard Wed 14-Mar-07 19:23:22

How is SUDC different to SIDS? I am a bit confused?

Alifoxy Wed 14-Mar-07 19:27:52

SUDC is the organisation. SIDS is at the greatest risk between 4 and 6 months. It is rare in babies over the age of 12 months and yet still 1 in 100,000 seem to meet this fate. FSID in the UK support all children who pass from SIDS but SUDC is the only organisation in the world who particularly help bereaved family and fund the research of babies over the age of 12 months

3andnomore Wed 14-Mar-07 19:36:23

oh, by the way, I do realise you weren't asking for stories about aduilts dying off it, just thought, that I rememebr reqding that story and I had never ever realised that Adults can die of the adultversion of SIDS...I think it's called SADS or something...

Alifoxy Wed 14-Mar-07 19:39:27

Thats ok...because of the work I have been doing in researching this subject all information and other people knowledge helps me in understanding what is really known

Alifoxy Thu 15-Mar-07 21:32:03


littlelapin Thu 15-Mar-07 21:40:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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