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My world feels over

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annielouisa Mon 01-May-17 11:18:29

My lovely husband died suddenly yesterday. No illness, no warning, just gone. I feel numb and confused l just do not know what to do.

Knittedfrog Mon 01-May-17 11:21:05

I'm so sorry. I'm listening if you want to talk about him. Or anything.

TheFaerieQueene Mon 01-May-17 11:22:00

I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how you must feel. I hope you have friends and family around you at this dreadful time. flowers

Mrskeats Mon 01-May-17 11:22:12

I'm so sorry.
Do you want to talk about what happened or him?
Do you have real life support?

SaltySalt Mon 01-May-17 11:23:05

So sorry what an awful shock

SemiNormal Mon 01-May-17 11:26:48

Gosh I am so sorry. Here to listen if you'd like to talk. flowers

picklemepopcorn Mon 01-May-17 11:32:14

What a shock! It will take you a while to work through the shock, as well as starting to grieve. How long had you been together?

harverina Mon 01-May-17 11:37:56

I'm so so sorry 😥

Rareshopkins Mon 01-May-17 11:49:47

I'm so sorry. Life is shit sometimes.

I had a bereavement last year ( my mum) . I felt like I had been picked up and dropped into a different country. Everything was the same but nothing was.

Take it moment by moment, sometime that is as much as we can do flowers

annielouisa Mon 01-May-17 11:59:48

It was all so sudden. He had not been ill except for what he thought was trapped wind. He picked me up from work at 1530. He started to feel unwell at home l rang and ambulance and in hospital they thought it was kidney stones. Later while having bloods done he collapsed in pain. They rushed him into resus and fought and fought but could not save my lovely man. They suspect it was an aortic anuerysm. My kids have been great (all adult) l just feel so lost. We were due to go on a much longed for holiday in 13 days.

EwanWhosearmy Mon 01-May-17 12:02:40

Oh that's so awful. Can you take one of the kids and still go on holiday, or would you find that too much? Do you have someone in RL you can turn to?

purpleprincess24 Mon 01-May-17 12:07:41

So so sorry for your lose.

Use us to rant, scream, cry, we are always here flowers

flumpybear Mon 01-May-17 12:13:04

Annie - I'm so sorry to hear your news you must be in shock. You've got a process both physically and emotionally to get through. Take all the time you need and get help and support from family, friends and professional - perhaps cancel your holiday and go after things have settled to rejuvenate. Sending hugs flowers

LightYears Mon 01-May-17 12:22:08

So sorry for your loss.

annielouisa Mon 01-May-17 12:24:43

I will cancel the holiday tomorrow. I just feel so crap. We both had dreadful first marriages and ours was the opposite he made me whole. The strongest most loving man l know.

zen1 Mon 01-May-17 12:27:15

How awful - I'm very sorry. You will be in a state of shock OP. Do you have people with you? flowers

annielouisa Mon 01-May-17 12:48:06

I am with my mum, daughter and brother l just feel empty

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Mon 01-May-17 12:51:39

I'm very sorry to hear about your husband, it was so unexpected I can see how you might struggle to make sense of anything.

zen1 Mon 01-May-17 12:53:10

You poor thing. You will not be able to process this at the moment. Lean on others if you can. There is no set way to deal with this.

Libitina Mon 01-May-17 12:54:49


picklemepopcorn Mon 01-May-17 14:15:41

I'm so sorry. I'm glad you have support.

kingjofferyworksintescos Mon 01-May-17 17:46:51


Chasingsquirrels Mon 01-May-17 17:53:09

I'm so very sorry to read this annielouisa.
Not only are you having to deal with your husbands death - but you will be dealing with it in a state of shock.
I'm glad that you have some people around you so help you through this.

I post on a thread started by someone whose husband died unexpectedly a couple of months ago, my own husband died just over a month ago and I have my own thread. The support on those threads has been amazing and I hope that you get the same support - which changes as time goes on.
My thoughts are with you x

PointlessUsername Mon 01-May-17 17:57:12

So sorry for your Loss.

Be kind to yourself flowers

annielouisa Mon 01-May-17 19:25:43

Thank you for all the kind words and support my family are fantastic and l have been overwhelmed by their love and support. I just feel so unsure there is a hollow feeling like l am a jigsaw with vital pieces missing. I loved this man beyond words l cannot picture a future without him.

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