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Please can some one help me help my DD

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drivinmecrazy Mon 24-Apr-17 00:54:59

DD (16) lost a friend last week
Her boyfriend was his best friend.
Since his passing DDS BF has been an absolute pig.
As an example the other day he asked DD if she would get naked in bed with him because he felt as if he needed a distraction.
Previously BF has been part of our family, someone we have been so happy our DD is with.
But now I'm just heartbroken to see my DD trying to grieve for her friend and support her BF who seems intent on belittling and destroying her.
So tonight I have had enough of making excuses for him. After seeing my DD again being told she has no right to her grief, I have texted him.
I couldn't stand to see him treat her the wat he has been any more.
Now DD is angry at me, pissed off with her BF and grieving the loss of her friend.
I know this message makes no sense. But I'm just heartbroken for the loss of their friend, the pain my DD is feeling and the anger and despair her BF must be experiencing.
And I'm sure I've just made it so much worse by messaging her BF cos I just couldn't bear to see the pain she is in

Charlie97 Mon 24-Apr-17 16:17:11

I didn't want to read and run.

Not sure if you did the wrong or right thing, but it's done.

You did it with love not malice, you tell your daughter and her BF that.

I'm sorry for the loss of their friend


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