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I can't cope with dad dying

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Tink019 Wed 12-Apr-17 08:27:40

I was really close to my dad then about 6 weeks ago he had a mild heartattack and was took to hospital. He was getting better and on Friday was looking forward to coming home on the Monday, then Friday evening we had a call to say dad had had a fall we went to see him and he was in a lot of pain they sent him to x ray and he had fractured his hip. They gave him pain relief and we went home. We got a call at 2am to say he was unresponsive and to go in he had morphine and they had given him too much and where giving him the antidote to reverse it they said he was responding but he didn't look responsive to me he was asleep and crying and moaning in his sleep he died at 4.50 pm that day. The case was referred to the coroner and the pm was inconclusive so now we are waiting for toxicology results. I can't get my head round the fact that one day he was fine and now he's gone. It's been six weeks and I can't go out in case I meet someone I know and they mention him it scares me . I miss him so much and finding it so hard xx

LittleHo Thu 13-Apr-17 19:03:40

flowers Tink

I know how you feel. My Mum has just died and I'm really missing her, but one thing I do know is that she wanted me to be happy. We did get some warning and she told me that I must go out and live my life the way she had lived her life.

I think your Dad would want that for you too.

DaffodilTime Thu 13-Apr-17 19:12:26

Your poor thing, this sounds so distressing and losing a parent must be horrendous let alone with these circumstances and also no warning.
Would you consider counselling as I definitely would it your shoes, or a bereavement support group? I think something this hard could be processed a tiny bit better by being with people who understand or feel similar but I'm so sorry as you must just want to take all that grief away. Do be gentle on yourself and take your time but try not to isolate yourself either

LittleHo Thu 13-Apr-17 20:00:48

Counselling is a very good idea.

Also, I just talk to anyone that will listen and it has really helped. Let all your emotions out and don't bottle anything up. Most people want to help.

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