pregnancy 'symptoms' post mc- how long?

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meowmix Mon 05-Mar-07 06:31:24

anyone got any idea how long my pregancy symptoms will last post mc? esp. the morning sickness as its crippling me and I'd like to know that this pointless exercise in retching will stop soon!

(its a week since mc)


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Aloveheart Mon 05-Mar-07 07:06:38

As soon as i had my m/c the symptoms went within a day or so, i suppose it depends on how far you were pregnant. I was only 6 weeks. I'm sorry to hear your news.

Hope someone can offer more advice than me.

meowmix Mon 05-Mar-07 09:56:30

it would be just my luck to not be pg and still have morning, noon and night sickness and breasts like zeppelins. ugh.

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meowmix Mon 05-Mar-07 13:58:14

Bump - anyone else any experience?

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lulu1414 Mon 05-Mar-07 15:18:07

Hi- I agree it depends how far along you were. I was over 12 weeks and I seem to remember the symptoms lasted at least a week, if not longer- especially the sore and large breasts.

meowmix Tue 06-Mar-07 06:42:02

I was 9/10 weeks. Over a week later and still retching at water. Back to the docs I guess.

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ash6605 Tue 06-Mar-07 12:09:58

Sorry to hear of your loss.Is your m/c complete?mine dragged on for about 6 weeks,sore boobs,sickness e.t.c that was even after an e.r.p.c but it turned out they hadn't removed was awful because you know the pregnancy has ended but you can't move on or find closure until your body returns to normal.

meowmix Wed 07-Mar-07 06:47:28

oh lawks. I had a chemical one (mythrigyn, horrible horrible drug) and am still bleeding a bit (TMI?). Maybe I just need to wait a bit. Ugh.

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meowmix Wed 07-Mar-07 06:48:04

sorry I mean chemically induced mcarriage after foetus died.

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ash6605 Wed 07-Mar-07 22:16:50

aww,hope your ok.
if the symptoms keep up for another week or your bleeding doesn't settle i would get it checked mind,just incase.

MrsMcJnr Fri 09-Mar-07 17:02:10

Hello. Sorry all of you have gone through this I had it confirmed today that I've had a complete miscariage. It started on Thurs night and the pain and bleeding ended on Tues. They told me at the EPU that the symptoms could carry on for 2/3 weeks. Hope it's not that long for any of us.

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