How to deal with the next 2 weeks

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whoopsfallenoveragain Fri 02-Mar-07 13:46:06

I have just had a scan which has shown a pregnancy sac but nothing else visable and smaller than it should be for 9 weeks.
I have to go back in 2 weeks for another scan to see what has happened but the doctor was pretty sure that I have miscarried
I work full time and at the moment I really don't know if I can face going to work everyday for the next 2 weeks but then do I really want to be sat around at home on my own?

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Nip Fri 02-Mar-07 13:47:40

{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}} }}}}}}}}}}

Sorry to hear your news. I dont know what to suggest but i'm sure someone else will be along soon with some decent advice.

berolina Fri 02-Mar-07 13:52:01

I'm sorry to read this.

Get signed off. If you find it unbearable at home you can always go back, but it may be you need the time and space.

If you are absolutely sure of your dates, it is very likely that this is what is horribly called a blighted ovum. Two weeks seems a very long time to wait in this situation. Maybe you could push to go back in a week.

whoopsfallenoveragain Fri 02-Mar-07 16:04:31

I'm pretty sure my dates are right
I am going to see how I feel after the weekend whether I go to work on Monday or not.
dh home now and we've chatted & cried lots have started to tell people that things haven't gone right too.
Need to pick the kids up then explain to them now

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lulumama Fri 02-Mar-07 16:05:37

whoops.....oh honey.......

get signed off, need to get head round this.... so sorry , my love xx

whoopsfallenoveragain Fri 02-Mar-07 16:10:45

Thanks Lulu
I spoke to the EPU and they said I could self cert a week and then most doctors were supportive to this situation

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Mumpbump Fri 02-Mar-07 16:11:46

See how you feel about work on Sunday evening and get signed off or not as you need on Monday. I think it is easier to be at home because no-one expects anything from you so there are no pressures and you can go for walks, have a nap if you feel tired (and I always get exhausted by emotional upsets), have a bath, etc.

JustJAMtart Fri 02-Mar-07 16:56:27

whoops I'm so sorry.....def' take some time off xxx

VioletBaudelaire Fri 02-Mar-07 16:58:28


LilRedWG Fri 02-Mar-07 17:03:50

Whoops, I'm so so sorry. The wait is cruel isn't it? Take your time and do whatever feels right to you re: work and everything else.

Remember, we are all here for you and plenty of us have experience of this and can empathise.

Much love to you and yours. xxx

bissielissie Fri 02-Mar-07 17:08:00

oh whoops! <<<hug>>> shit, im so so sorry! im here for you if you need to chat sweetheart. its so cruel

Lullabyloo Fri 02-Mar-07 18:18:14

whoops darling...I'm so sorry...
Please take the time off if you can...
I'm here if I can do anything at all
{{{Big hugs}}} my lovely

SpookyMadMummy Fri 02-Mar-07 18:27:59

for you hun XX

whoopsfallenoveragain Fri 02-Mar-07 18:48:48

Thanks Ladies
told the kids ds keeps cuddling me & doesn't seem to unnderstand properly. Am feeling so tired but don't want to go to sleep
I wish in a way I had started bleeding so that I didn't have to go through this this way. I also am in a way hoping that things are wrong and that there will be a hb when I go in 2 weeks but the chances of that are very very slim

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Sparkler1 Fri 02-Mar-07 20:21:08

Whoops! You poor love. I'm so sorry to read this. Anything I can help with just shout. You know where I am mate. xxxxxxxxx

Surfermum Fri 02-Mar-07 20:56:06

Oh mate, I'm so so sorry . I had this and the waiting was the worst thing ever. I took time of work, both times, gave myself time to grieve and put myself back together again before facing everyone.

Let me know if I can do anything.


Nemo2007 Fri 02-Mar-07 21:04:14

Oh whoops huge hugs to you. It is soo hard to go on when you feel things are negative, when I had my missed mc I had to wait for a rescan and then wait 2 wks for a d+c all over christmas. It was horrendous but the only thing that kept me going was talking online and giving ds soooo many cuddles he probably felt suffocated.

whoopsfallenoveragain Sat 03-Mar-07 01:23:04

Thanks for your messages - I still struggling to see how I'm going to get through these 2 weeks when I can't even sleep tonight
I know things will get better but I just can't see it at the moment
Sorry am just writing things down here to get them out of my head!

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survivour Sat 03-Mar-07 01:35:39

So sorry to hear this whoops.... Sitting at home just makes everything seem worse, I was a SAHM through-out my 3 MC's. I just needed someone to talk to, just to take my mind off it.It wasn't until I had my 3rd child who was born with heart problems that It finally hit home what had happened to me...I agree with the other advice here, see how you feel, and take each day as it comes. If you go to work and its overwhelming, just ask for time off... remember you come first, you have the power... And you have every right to be selfish too, we only live once... And I'm ever so sorry you are going through this...

jules99 Sat 03-Mar-07 01:38:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

survivour Sat 03-Mar-07 01:40:57

Oh jules..... tonite doesn't seem to be a very nice nite at all.... I'm so sorry for your loss too.....

whoopsfallenoveragain Sat 03-Mar-07 01:47:47

Sorry to hear of yur loss Jules.
At the moment I think what I'm going to do is take Monday off and send an email to everyone telling them what's happened so that I don't have to talk about it with them. I work for a small firm so they are going to know something is wrong with me not returning from the scan today

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jules99 Sat 03-Mar-07 01:52:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

whoopsfallenoveragain Sat 03-Mar-07 01:56:02

Thanks Jules x

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jules99 Sat 03-Mar-07 02:07:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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