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10 years

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BillDoor Tue 21-Feb-17 06:00:49

10 years ago I got the phone call telling my me soul mate was gone.
My life changed in a instant, I hurt so much, it was like a ball lodged in my chest. I ached for him, I'd have done anything to hold him again for just a minute.
10 years later, I'm a different person, I do carry a sadness with me always. But I learnt to live again, and eventually love again.
There is a part of me that is forever damaged a part of me that died that day with him.

As shit as it is when people say it, they are right. Time does eventually heal.

I love him. I'll never stop loving him.
You'll get through this. I promise.

Poudrenez Wed 22-Feb-17 14:10:27

flowers to you BillDoor xxxx

PocketFluff Fri 24-Feb-17 22:36:07

Thank you for writing that. It's 10 years ago today I met by husband. He died a few weeks ago. Every day it just seems to get worse. People talk about time making things better, but I just can't see it. Time isn't going to bring him back and that's the only thing I want. Thank you for writing, it helps to read things like that. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Poudrenez Mon 27-Feb-17 13:45:46

I agree that time does make things better, but what that doesn't really address is just how much time, and how bleak those long years are.

BillDoor Mon 27-Feb-17 15:57:39

I know Poudrenez
I just wanted some of the more recent members of this crappy club to maybe draw a little strength from it.

Everyone on this board needs every scrap they can get. Xxx

flowers (I bet we're all sick of fecking flowers! Some gin if people prefer)

MoonlightMedicine Mon 27-Feb-17 15:59:57


BillDoor Mon 27-Feb-17 16:02:22

There's never much to say. I'm glad my post helped a little.
It's not an easy journey, by any means. It's a bloody awful one, but it's compulsory unfortunately and one day you will wake up and realise that you've survived it.

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