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Feeling sad today.

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Leander Thu 01-Mar-07 10:08:25

I'm not quite sure why i am posting but just needed to talk to someone.Today is the 6year anniverary of mil death.She was a lovely lovely woman and it was so sudden, she had a stroke and it was a big shock as she had not been ill.Dh and I had been married for 6 mth when it happened and i am glad she got to see us married but she never got to meet her gorgous grandchildren who i know she would have adored.Also last night we got a phonecall from dh brother to tell us that their cousin had died(she is their 2nd cousin )Her nan had not heard from her in 10 days and got worried that she wasn't answering her calls so called her brother who went round to her flat, he didn't get an answer so called the police and she was found dead in her bed.She was only in her 30s and now we have to wait for a postmortem to find out what happened.Life just seems so cruel sometimes .

bigcar Thu 01-Mar-07 11:07:10

dont know what to say Leander
<<<<<big hugs>>>>>

Bananaknickers Thu 01-Mar-07 11:11:48

I truely belive that are passed on loved ones are watching us and are with us all the time. She will be watching your children grow and play from where she is Leander. There is a part of her still livning on in your babies.

Leander Thu 01-Mar-07 13:34:28

Thanks for your meaages, they are appreciated.I know what you mean Bananaknickers i do believe she is watching over us and I always talk to the kids about her and show them photos and our wedding video of her.I always remember her saying to me that she was so glad j had met me and that she had another girl on her side now and didnt have to put up with just boys (she had 2 sons).When I found out I was pg with ds 2months after she died someone gave me an angel pin and when he was born we pinned it onto his tieback on the curtain in his bedroom and he always says it is his nana Julie and says goodnight to it.

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