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Family not following Grandma's wishes

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schrutefarmbeets Tue 14-Feb-17 08:34:13

My absolutely lovely grandma passed away almost a year ago, which I am still struggling to come to terms with. It turns out that a few weeks before she died she changed her will to leave absolutely everything to my aunt - my mother and uncle have been left nothing. It's totally out of character - while my aunt has form for this kind of thing - and the solicitor notes read like there was coercion.

Anyway, there has been a whole year of tension and arguments and solicitor meetings. My grandma was religious (Jewish) and in a few weeks time should be her stone setting where we celebrate her life and put the headstone above her grave.

It turns out that my aunt has postponed the setting for 'a few months' and has cancelled the stonemason without telling anyone. My grandma was so proud of her Judaism and it makes me so sad that all that gets thrown out of the window because of family drama.

How can money be more important than honouring a person you're supposed to love?

samG76 Tue 14-Feb-17 09:43:21

Schrute - condolences on the loss of your grandma.

You say that the solicitors' notes suggested coercion. Solicitors are specifically required to look out for this sort of thing, so I'm a bit surprised that they produced the will regardless.

There's no real time limit for the stone setting, though it's usual to do it within 12 months. Seems very odd to cancel the stonemason, though - is the problem that no-one can agree the wording?

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