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MIL died today

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fatowl Thu 26-Jan-17 11:45:30

She was a difficult woman and my relationship with her was never great. She was diagnosed with dementia last year and she declined so very rapidly.

We live overseas. DH was on the way home to see her when we got the call that she was failing, she died when he was in the air.
So I'm sat at home with DD15, DH is in the UK with his Dsis (who he doesn''t get on with). I'm hoping DD22 can go down to be with him (she's about 3 hours away. There is hardly any other extended family, FIL died years ago

I'm all over the place because my DF is terminally ill as well, that call could come anytime as well.

DH is recovering from a nervous breakdown and was self medicating with alcohol, I'm so afraid this will set him right back.

echt Fri 27-Jan-17 06:48:38

So sorry for your loss, and its horrid complications, fatowl.

DH and I left the UK, knowing it was possible we'd never see our respective aged DMs again. And so it proved.

I wish you all the strength you're going to need for this. thanks

sandgrown Fri 27-Jan-17 06:57:32

Sorry to hear this. It's difficult When you live away. I guess all you can do is keep talking to DH to try and support him. Would help if your DD could get there to be with him .

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