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My Dad

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suedonim Thu 22-Feb-07 10:18:44

My dad was born 100 years ago today. He died in 1998 at the ripe old age of 91 but I still miss him.

Although I didn't know my grandmother, as she died when dad was 10, my mind keeps turning to the thought that 100 years ago today she would have been in labour. And that dad was born in South Africa and I am currently living in Africa, a place I never imagined I would go to. I think it'll going to be a day to keep the tissues handy! I'm not expecting anyone to reply, just wanted to put something down in writing to commemorate the occasion.

purplemonkeydavewasher Thu 22-Feb-07 10:20:39


robinpud Thu 22-Feb-07 10:22:28

91 is a great age. I doubt that the gap that losing a parent creates is ever really filled. Hope you can look back on happy times today Sue

NurseyJo Thu 22-Feb-07 10:23:37

Message withdrawn

suedonim Thu 22-Feb-07 10:39:59

<sniff> thank you for the hugs etc. Yes, good memories, Robin. It's weird how even 91 years doesn't seem enough, I wanted more.

That's a nice thought, NurseyJo, our dads laughing together. My dad was a quiet soul but he had a sense of humour.

NurseyJo Thu 22-Feb-07 10:41:55

Message withdrawn

Marina Thu 22-Feb-07 10:42:21

My dad is 82 and every day I have him around is precious, so I will join you in remembering a long and happy life suedonim 91 years would not be enough for me either. XXX

Marina Thu 22-Feb-07 10:42:55

Nursey, I am sorry you lost him so young, comparatively speaking

dejags Thu 22-Feb-07 10:45:32

Thinking of you Suedonim.


chocolatekimmy Thu 22-Feb-07 11:50:03

What a nice way to be thinking about him (and his mum) and remembering him.

Hope you have a nice day in whatever you are doing and that you don't feel too sad

suedonim Thu 22-Feb-07 13:28:58

Oh goodness, Nurseyjo, that's so young, I'm almost that age. I'm really sorry.

Marina, when my dad got to be 80 I became convinced he was going to live forever, or least 100! He enjoyed good health up until 3mths before he died - so good that when the doctor visited he thought my dad's notes were incomplete because they were so sparse. Dad said he was in hospital during the war - with a boil on the bum, lol!!

I've had a weird kind of week, things happening that make you think. I know an expat who hates it in Nigeria. She feels unsafe and rarely goes out, her maid does all the shopping etc. On Monday I heard that she was flying back to the US because her adult son had been killed in an RTA. I've had it going round and round in my head that somehow the two are connected, as though a calamity had bypassed her and affected her son instead. Stupid and totally irrational but I keep thinking of my own family and wondering if I'm doing all I can for them. I guess it's just an expat wobble.

shosha Thu 22-Feb-07 13:45:25

Message withdrawn

kitty17 Thu 22-Feb-07 13:51:38

I lost my Dad 18yrs ago this Decemeber, I was only 19 and it broke my heart he was only 53. It was very sudden (Heart Attack)and it took me along time to come to terms with it. Unfortunatly I also lost my Mum 4 years ago come October, We only had a week with her after she was Diagnosed with Cancer, up till then she was ok, she was being treated for Urine infection???, some infection.
I still have my good day's and bad, but I know that they are watching over me and my Son(11mnths old) and guiding me through my bad days.... I love my parents still as if they are here and still speak to them when i need a good answer to a problem... My son will be told about them and how much love they gave me and my sister..... Why does God take the good ones early!!!!!

suedonim Thu 22-Feb-07 14:10:11

I've been amazed at how many people on MN have lost parents at a relatively young age, tbh. We hear so much about how long everyone lives nowadays so it was very sad to learn of all these losses.

kitty17 Thu 22-Feb-07 14:24:57

Memories are all we have but im sure like others out there, we would prefer to have our parents still with us...... AT least we are not along and we can talk here on htink you are alone at first but once you tsart talking there are a good few out there all in the same boat with the same hurting feeling....Keep the memories alive and smile everytime you think about them

suedonim Thu 22-Feb-07 15:27:21

Lizzer Thu 22-Feb-07 15:44:43

Just want to add my condolences to everyone on this thread who've lost a dear relation. Its a subject close to my heart right now as dp's father died 3 weeks ago.Again very sudden, and only 60. Its been so strange since then, and the thought that my children with dp (not yet conceived) will never have a paternal grandfather is a hard one to get our head's round, he made such a lovely step-grandad to my dd.... thinking of you all today. and sending masive hugs...
Keep the memories alive, my dp and his bro are going to compile a scrap book of cards, writings, emails, photos and bits and pieces that remind them of him to show the future grandchildren. I think that's a nice idea...

Pavlovthecat Thu 22-Feb-07 15:49:07

4 week anniversary of my mum being taken by cancer...hugs to all who feel the sadness every day...

Pavlovthecat Thu 22-Feb-07 15:50:26

Lizzer - esp to you. My DP has been a gem. He lost his dad 2 years ago, he knew my mum well and I know he feels it too, and carrying me also.

Lizzer Thu 22-Feb-07 15:54:57

Pavlov, its strange being the supporting one, its usually him supporting me. But it does bring out strengths in relationships that you didn't know were there, or rather you forgot were there cos everyday life gets in the way...

Big hugs for you Pavlov...

suedonim Thu 22-Feb-07 16:08:18

Pavlov, Lizzer. (sad) A scrap book idea is lovely. My mum horrified me recently when she said she was going to throw away some old photos - eek!!!!! She's v unsentimental, throws everything away.

Because my dad lost his father at 4yo then his mother at 10yo, and was raised by a paternal aunt we knew virtually nothing of his family. Thanks to the powers of the internet I've been able to research a lot of his background and it's been fascinating (to me, boring for everyone else, lol!). I know he also had two siblings and I'd like to find out where they and his mother are buried, just to pay my respects. His father died at sea so I assume was also buried there.

Lizzer Thu 22-Feb-07 16:21:31

That's excellent Suedonim! Family history is always fascinating, it gives you a greater sense of self for sure. On a similar note, and a little bit strange timing, my dp's dad was given a present from his partner at xmas, it was a DNA test that you send off some cells to a lab to have tested and they tell you where in the world you originate from (I'm not sure of the details sorry) and he sent it off a week before his death.

The test is due back through the post any day now so his 2 sons will know something of their heritage....

Paddlechick666 Thu 22-Feb-07 16:31:37

would just like to add to the condolences.

losing a parent is so hard, at any age i think.

my nana died last august aged 101 and i still find it hard to think she's gone. we also try to remember that she wasn't always so old! it's nice to remember how she was when I was around 10 years old.

My dad died in 1984 aged 48 when I was 17. It is the hardest thing and I don't think I will ever really come to terms with it. They say it gets better with time but I think you just learn to hide the grief away better with time.

He never saw any of his grandkids and whilst my step-dad is a great grandpa I still intend to tell my dd (15 months) about her other grandfather.

We went to visit his grave when we buried Nana which was lovely actually. We're several hundred miles from that area now - no family left up there anymore either.

Anyways, I always think of him on his birthday so empathise with the OP.

suedonim Thu 22-Feb-07 16:53:30

101 is a grand age to reach. Was she your father's mother? An old lady we were very fond of died at 93, about three years ago. I often forget she's dead, she was so a part of life.

That test sounds fascinating, Lizzer! I've never heard of it before.

Will be back to this later, if there are any more posts.

shosha Thu 22-Feb-07 16:58:08

Message withdrawn

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