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How did today go?

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ElectricMelon Sun 25-Dec-16 21:23:57

I know many of you were dreading today like I was.

There was a place missing at the table where mum should have been and no presents for her under the tree. We all just put on a smile and muddled through the day.

It was bloody hard and I just wanted to stay in bed and shut out the world. I almost told Dd's dad he could have her all day today because I felt so awful and last night I had no desire to set out her presents and make a big fuss. I had to force myself to do it and make the day special for her.

I got through it though and now I still feel sad but also a little relieved that it's over.

How has everyone else's day been?

Randonneur Mon 26-Dec-16 18:50:36

Mine was my second year without mum. It was a nice day with my in laws but with that constant slight feeling of homesickness for a place I'll never be able to go back to.

Greenteandchives Mon 26-Dec-16 18:54:11

First Christmas without my dad. We did a lot of thing differently on purpose. Raised a glass to him at lunchtime and my dh said a few words. I shed a few tears, then got on with things. We had fun.

DustyMaiden Mon 26-Dec-16 18:55:19

Easier than I thought, lost DM two months ago and MIL in February. Those that remain seem closer than ever and everyone is enjoying being with the little ones.

Sorry for everyone's losses.

ephemeralfairy Mon 26-Dec-16 19:02:16

My dad died when I was little, 25 years on it's still so painful. Was doing OK yesterday til I heard the news about George Michael. Brought it all back in a very strong way, for various reasons.

CPtart Mon 26-Dec-16 19:04:07

Yesterday was hard. My DM died suddenly and tragically in September. I spoke on the phone to her partner, only just out of hospital and now living at the other end of the country, and we sobbed at the horror of what we've gone through these last few months.
Then I put on a smile for the DC and the IL's and got on with the day.
Today I just feel incredibly relieved that Christmas Day is over.

LittleTalks Mon 26-Dec-16 19:13:10

I'm with you on the relief front CP. Thank god it's over.

We lost my Dad 12 days ago. It still feels like a terrible dream, or like someone might say "ok, enough of that, you can have him back now". Thankfully I have a 9m old DS who provided a jolly focus for us all.

EsmesBees Mon 26-Dec-16 19:18:05

First Xmas without my beloved mum. Better than I feared. The only time I got teary was setting the table and there was one less place than there should have been. We talked about mum but sharing happy memories of Christmas rather than her not being here now or the horrendous year we've all had. Toddler dd was on lovely form and got everyone through.

minmooch Mon 26-Dec-16 19:19:07

Survived it. Ate too much. Didn't drink - was worried I'd go overboard. Had an emotional outburst in the morning. Felt numb rest of day.

3rd Christmas without my eldest DS, 2nd Christmas without my DM.

Glad it's over. It has no meaning anymore.

hulkbuster Mon 26-Dec-16 21:00:17

I get this completely! There was no pigs in blankets this year as they were my step dads favourite thing and he passed suddenly in August. I miss him so much but put on a front for my family and my Ds who is too young to understand his grandad was missing.
My family pretended nothing was missing but I would of loved a toast and acknowledgement to the man I miss. I suppose everyone copes in different ways though and no one wanted to get upset on Christmas because of the children.

echt Mon 26-Dec-16 22:55:56

We had the Christmas lunch my late DH would have made, and to be fair, any negative aspects were entirely because I had to do what was split between us on my own, so hard to manage the first time round. Also near impossible to delegate, and with hostly responsibilities, just hard work.

I was so busy, it was so hot, I hardly thought about DH. sad

BigFatBollocks Wed 28-Dec-16 19:55:06

I've felt a numbness really. 2nd Christmas without dad, his second anniversary was a couple of days before Xmas. It's weird coz I know he's missing, guess I'm accepting it more tho. Kids r a good distraction as always. Missed him loads tho. Think maybe I'm still in shock. Who knows. I'm not sure I really know how I feel tbh.

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