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SmokedSalmonAndFizz Mon 19-Dec-16 22:16:08

It was this time three years my daughter died at 35 weeks. With an ex
I have had a healthy child with my now husband.
I'm always sad, when I think of her.
As my dd ages. What do I tell her? My husband, doesn't understand.

LumelaMme Tue 20-Dec-16 11:01:30

Thirty-five weeks isn't a miscarriage, it's a still birth, and no wonder that you're sad when you think of her. flowers

Somebody with more experience than me will be along in a minute, but I think all you can do is tell your little girl when she's a bit older that she had a sister who died as she was born, and just leave it at that for a few years.

Sophia1984 Thu 22-Dec-16 17:46:09

I'm so sorry about your loss OP. It must make this time of year really difficult. Did you get any support from the hospital when it happened? I've heard people speak very highly of Sands - maybe they could give you advice on how to approach talking about your eldest daughter with your family. As your dd is still young, you have time to think about how to talk about it with her. Do you think it would be easiest if you and your husband were able to talk about it first? Would you like to tell us more about your eldest daughter? Lots of love to you.

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