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Headstone being installed

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Deborah51 Mon 28-Nov-16 10:12:54

Finally we plucked up courage to get the headstone sorted for our little Chloe, it's being installed Friday which is her anniversary, want to do something to mark the occasion, any thoughts please, thanks xxx

Leapling Mon 28-Nov-16 22:05:09

So sorry for the loss of Chloe. Well done on taking this big step. Could you maybe buy a special ornament or flowers to take? Did you want to share the wording you'd picked?

My daughter only died 2 months ago and this is not something I can think about yet. I did buy some flowers in Sainsbury's for her that had little gold hearts in the bouquet - I'm not explaining well but they looked lovely and the hearts will last forever. Maybe something like that? flowers

Deborah51 Mon 28-Nov-16 23:19:29

So sorry for your loss too, there are no words. We decided on our own words, not prayers or the usual quotes etc... We have put, we love you, we miss you, always our angel, rest in peace Chloe, plus obviously her name dates daughter granddaughter etc. I hope it looks ok. Will check out the flowers, Thankyou for your kind words. How old was your daughter, Chloe was 13 xx

EBearhug Mon 28-Nov-16 23:26:03

We read a poem at my father's, and planted some spring bulbs round it, but you need to check if there are any restrictions, as a lot of cemeteries won't allow any sort of planting. Bunch of flowers is good, though.

Best wishes and condolences to you Deborah and Leapling both.

MaitlandGirl Mon 28-Nov-16 23:46:17

When DDs headstone went up we left it a week before we went to give the ground time to settle, just because visually it would have looked too fresh and would have upset me all over again.

The church is in a rural location so there's a list of which flowers are rabbit/deer proof (not sure if that would apply to you) on the notice board which was helpful.

I've emigrated now so my parents visit every 3mths (they're both late 70s and live 400 miles away) to change the ornaments and flowers. Mum got some lovely silk flowers from Hobbycraft and sprayed them with a Matt varnish so they don't fade or get tatty.

Mum always has a small watering can, a spray bottle of patio cleaner and a toothbrush in the car when they visit so they can wash the stone and clean the lettering every visit. She also has some garden shears to clip the grass at the base of the stone if needs be.

hugs to all on this thread.

Leapling Mon 28-Nov-16 23:46:39

Thank you ebear

My daughter was just a week short of 7 months when she died of what we think was SIDS (inquest not yet done). She was born on leap day.

I think those words are lovely - we love you and we miss you - what else is there to say? Planting bulbs would be nice if allowed as they come up every year. We also got a nice Christmas plant as they last longer than flowers. A poem or part of her favourite book could be read? It will be a hugely emotional day (aren't most of the days?) I hope it goes as well as can be flowers

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