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Memorial trees/woodland - any experiences

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soupplate Fri 25-Nov-16 07:22:06

My dear dad died earlier this year. He was such an great outdoorsman that we thought a tree/woodland would be the best sort of memorial to a much loved and greatly missed man. We've done a bit of research and like the look of the Woodland Trust , but does anyone have any good experiences with other groups/companies?

beelover Fri 25-Nov-16 14:12:44

So sorry for the loss of your dear Dad. My Mum died in August and as she requested was buried in a woodland glade attached to our local cemetery. No headstones or markers just natural woodland and native plants, it's very wild and natural and perfect for her, always a country woman. I know you are looking for a memorial rather than an actual plot and in our woodland glade it also possible to pay to just have a tree planted. There is a memorial wall for name plaques if you wish to commemorate individuals by name. This is all managed by the local district council, maybe you could investigate if there is anything like this in your area?

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