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Why is life so unbelievably and devastatingly cruel?

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MadamePeacock Fri 07-Oct-16 07:41:36

My life was perfect, I had a wonderful husband, two loving parents, three siblings who were there when I needed them and I had 9 amazing children and pregnant with twins.

This was 2010.

My twins were due July 30th but couldn't wait and were born May 25th 2010. They both fought as hard as they could but my sweet Charlotte Sophia passed away on June 20th which was her big sister Daisy's 1st Birthday.

Just weeks later and I fell pregnant and was given a due date of April 15th. I was going to have 3 kids aged 2 and under but hey that's ok, I'll manage. Except it wasn't to be and my waters broke at 17 weeks and I delivered Zoe Rebecca at home on November 5th 2010. She died before the ambulance could get to me.

Just days later we got the phone call we'd been dreading. My wonderful grandma had passed away. We placed Zoe's remains in with grandma's coffin.

Ruby was born December 3rd 2011. We gave her Grandma's name as her middle name (Emma).

In the next 3 years my niece had 2 miscarriages, my nephew's girlfriend died, my dad died and my grandad died.

My grandad had only been buried 2 weeks when my mum was diagnosed with cancer. She fought. She really did. But life was cruel and she was taken from us on September 15th 2015.

And now I'm miscarrying.

purplefizz26 Fri 07-Oct-16 07:44:36


Sometimes there are no words, but I couldn't read and run.

Terribly sorry to hear about your losses.

Have you got somebody supporting you now? Xxx

Weetabixandtoast Fri 07-Oct-16 07:47:00

I'm so sorry flowers

Queenelsarules Fri 07-Oct-16 07:47:28

There's nothing I can say your losses have been immense, sending much love to you and the strength to get through flowers

passmethewineplease Fri 07-Oct-16 07:51:20

That's so much heartbreak to take in.

Life can be incredibly cruel.

I'm so sorry for all that you've been through OP, there's not really any words you can say to any of that.


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