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Grieving and cannot sleep

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justkeepongoing Sun 02-Oct-16 02:01:27

Just that really. I've mentioned in a previous thread what happened to my wonderful DM three weeks ago. We've had the funeral this week. Prior to it happening my sleep was 'acceptable'. Now for the past few nights I cannot sleep. I keep getting the last song that was played at the crematorium going around in my head. I've got the light on as I'm fearful when in the dark. Feeling exhausted but sleep won't come. Thank you for reading X

chocoholic89 Sun 02-Oct-16 02:07:16

Sorry u lost ur dm. You are bound to recall the last memorys as it's so close to you and sorry I can't find good words of wisdom as it's a loss and only ur self can make you better.
Would your dm like you sad?? Concentrate on what you have around you.. if you want to talk pm me x

DustyMaiden Sun 02-Oct-16 02:19:34

Sorry to hear that. My DM died on Monday, it doesn't feel real.

justkeepongoing Sun 02-Oct-16 02:25:48

Aww Dusty I empathise wholeheartedly. X

justkeepongoing Sun 02-Oct-16 02:26:59

Thanks for your kind words choco x

Neverjoketodogs Sun 02-Oct-16 09:24:35

It will get better. Your grief is still raw. I lost my mum a year ago and I struggled to sleep for several weeks and still have the odd bad night. It took quite a while before I was able to close my eyes and not see the image of her just before she died. I found that really distressing and I dreaded going to bed, but slowly over time the images have been replaced by happier memories and although I still think about her every day, my sleep is pretty much back to normal.


FlowerOfTheValley Sun 02-Oct-16 09:52:09

I'm so very sorry and to Dusty too. I used to dread going to bed and started going later and later so I'd be so exhausted I would sleep rather than lie awake for hours.

It will get less raw and more pleasant memories will eventually come to the fore rather than the upsetting ones.

Take care of yourself. flowers

justkeepongoing Sun 02-Oct-16 11:19:12

Thank you lovely MNers I find it incredibly comforting to be able to share this with you and to receive words of wisdom. I managed to get sone sleep from 4am until 7ish but feeling exhausted and I go back to work tomorrow. I'm wondering if I should contact my GP for a short course of sleeping tablets ( piriton is not working, nor heavy duty painkillers I get for my arthritis)? flowers to you all xx

Timetogetup0630 Sun 02-Oct-16 22:27:46

I would certainly go and see your GP hopefully they will be very sympathetic and possibly offer you a short course of sleeping tablets.
It might be worth joining a bereavement support group too.

Wellywife Sun 02-Oct-16 22:36:24

I'm so sorry for your loss. Whether expected or not, losing a parent turns the world upside down. The only thing I can say is to be kind to yourself and give yourself time. It took months for me to sleep after DGM and the DStepM died. Silent crying so as not to wake DH. Sometimes I woke up kicking my legs in fury.

wowowowow Wed 05-Oct-16 20:38:49

I've been there too and needed prescription sleeping tablets. Not having enough sleep is bad enough to deal with and makes everything worse. It made me feel ill. I don't know how I would have coped without the tablets.

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