Appropriate words wanted please.

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Beauregard Sun 04-Feb-07 19:52:19

Ive just found out that a friend of mine who was pregnant and went for her 12 week scan,was told that the baby had died.She had the D and C on tuesday.She miscarried her first baby about 6 months ago
I wanted to send her a little card just so she knows that we are thinking of her and her dp but im struggling to find any comforting words.
Can anyone help?

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mummytosteven Sun 04-Feb-07 19:54:07

sorry to hear about your friends. I think all you can do is say that you are thinking of her, and sorry about the miscarriage, and if you are normally close, that you are there if she wants to talk about it with you.

Dior Sun 04-Feb-07 19:55:02

Message withdrawn

funnypeculiar Sun 04-Feb-07 19:57:03

I've sent cards in this situation, just saying I'm sorry to hear your news, am thinking of you, and let me know if there is anything at all that I can do (has she got an olderlo that you could offer to have for an afternoon - probably not needed, but smthg practical to say?

Beauregard Sun 04-Feb-07 20:12:24

No she doesn't have any other children.

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lourobert Sun 04-Feb-07 20:57:27

I think 'thinking of you and hre when you need me' says it all really

northerner Sun 04-Feb-07 21:06:46

So sorry this has happenned, I am here whenever you need me will sufice.

She'll need a shoulder to cry on for a while I should imagine.

feedmenow Mon 05-Feb-07 19:37:28

Or even say nothing? You know, Dear ? & ?, with loads of love from ?. That in itself shows that she is in your thoughts.
Having just had m/c myself, 2 of my best mates simply just came round and stayed with me for the day, watched girly films, made tea and ate lots of choccie. They didn't need to say anything at all.....

LawdyMissTutter Mon 05-Feb-07 19:38:24

i know it can sound a little wishy washy but i think 'i am so sorry for your loss' is a good starting point

Uki Wed 07-Feb-07 02:27:28

i got some flowers from a friend, when this happened, which was very thoughtful and maybe more appropriate than a card, (as not something you want to put up or keep) otherwise a phone call to talk would be nice.

Also suiggest mn as lots of us have had recurrent m/c here and it helps to talk to people.

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