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my mum

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bananaskin123 Wed 14-Sep-16 17:57:57

Bit of background: my mum passed away on 27th August She was 100 and a half and passed away peacefully. She was found in her chair at the care home. Up until she was 97 she was managing to live independently but then there were subtle changes, ie imagining things and confusion etc followed by a fall for which she was admitted to the local hospital. Following a talk with the consultant it was decided she would be safer in a care home.

Mum was really difficult about this and stated she would only stay a week then she was going to her home. Her brain was working quite well again and I did wonder whether we had made a mistake. It took ages for her to settle in then she developed a cold and the confusion really set in. Imagining people in the room, being taken out etc, she still knew us but had no interest which was so unlike her.

As I say she passed away on 27th and the funeral is next week. I think there must be something wrong with me, I haven't cried once yet up until she was 97 she was my best friend. We always shopped together, had meals out, she came to our house, interested in her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Why am I feeling nothing? Anybody else felt like this and do you cry eventually or never.

thesandwich Wed 14-Sep-16 18:00:28

flowers so sorry. Perhaps you have already grieved got the person she was? The funeral may bring back different memories for you. Take care.

Lolimax Wed 14-Sep-16 18:04:26

Oh I'm so sorry. What an amazing age, and I think personally that's why you haven't cried, your mum has literally been around for ever. I'm 46 and lost mine 18 months ago, she'll never see her GC get married or have were so lucky.
I've never cried for my mum I had a very complicated relationship with her. You are still in shock, grief has its own journey. I'm sure it will hit you when you're least expecting it, at the moment there are practical things still to be done for her. Those jobs will eventually stop and it might be then?
flowers for you and your lovely mum.

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