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For Underarock

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HicDraconis Sat 09-Jul-16 06:44:32

Hi Under

For you and Calypso. One picture is of "my" beach (was hugely busy today, go figure - it's winter here but one of the first good days after a run of bad weather) and the other is, of course, her name.

Was thinking of you and of all parents who have lost their babies at whatever age. Didn't really feel appropriate to intrude on your support thread so have started a new one.

If anyone else would like a name written in the sand of one of the most amazing beaches in NZ (I'm biased...) I would be happy to post pics for you too.

UnderaRock Sat 09-Jul-16 14:45:14

Thank you so so much they are beautiful and you are awesome. Can I ask the exact beach location so I can label it and update my map?

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