My lovely gran died yesterday, just wanted to make it real by putting something here....

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bobsmum Sat 20-Jan-07 21:12:50

My wonderful gran died yesterday evening after a long spell in hospital. She would have been 90 in March, but just seemed indestructable.

Not really sure why I'm posting, but hey.

She was just fab and funny and brave and real and I didn't go to see her often enough and now I really really miss her. My grampa died 18 months ago on the day dd was born and gran has never been the same without him. They were wonderfully in love for almost 60 years.

She had so many amazing stories. I wish I'd recorded some somehow.

One of my favourites was how she and my grampa had an "interesting" wartime honeymoon because they were kept up at night by the landgirls shagging

Or the time when she and her brother decided to rescue a working pony and hid it from their mum in the bathroom.

She got her ears pierced in her 60s because she'd always wanted it done and never to round to it.

She took up Italian in her 70s.

She was the matriarch of our family and there's just a hole without her

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PandaG Sat 20-Jan-07 21:14:18

sorry to hear that Bobsmum. Hugs to you and your family

cerys Sat 20-Jan-07 21:16:37

So sorry to hear of your loss. My gran died last January aged 97 and we all miss her. Yours had some fab stories - LOL at the pony in the bathroom!

Thinking of you and your family xx

multitasker Sat 20-Jan-07 21:20:55

Bob - sorry to hear of your gran. I lost a v. dear friend last week and like your gran he was elderly and in poor health for some time. But you never really expect them to go do you?
I have been all over the place this past week, the range and intensity of emotions leaves you drained and I find it hardest of all to accept that I will never see or talk to him again - that finality is just such a huge pain through the heart.
Like you I remember with great fondess his stories of a time gone by that we know so little of. Talk to your parents of there post wartime experiences, I did a family tree a couple of years ago and learnt some amazing things about my ancestors, a hugely humbling but strangely affirming thing.

bobsmum Sat 20-Jan-07 21:26:18

I really hope I fill my life up with as many good/worthwhile/funny/bizarre things.

Multitasker you're right about that finality thing. I just keep expecting one more visit or phonecall.

I just feel there were so many more conversations still to be had.

She was great at taking the p*ss out of dh for being English. And he loved giving as good as he got. She was a staunch SNP supporter and kept saying "what's wrong with all the Scottish boys?" when I said we were engaged. I'll miss these things.

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wurlywurly Sat 20-Jan-07 21:27:14

hugs to you bobsmum

moondog Sat 20-Jan-07 21:29:48

She sounded great Bobsmum.
lol at the pony!

i miss my grandparents every day and only really appreciate now what they did for us.

multitasker Sat 20-Jan-07 21:35:49

It does give us a good jolt in the manner of - get on with your life and DO pack in as many great experiences as possible. I am going to try and not moan about the unimportant mundane things, just remember the wonderful things i have been blessed with.

edam Sat 20-Jan-07 21:51:34

Ah, bobsmum, glad you posted. Your Gran sounds like a very entertaining lady. IKWYM about wanting to tell everybody about the person you've lost - when my 'extra' grandmother died, I found myself telling the people in the corner shop all about her (not as mad as it seems, I knew them quite well, dh worked with their daughter). Just seemed wrong that the world could carry on without everyone knowing what had been lost. If only I'd had MN!

Funnily enough, I took ds to an exhibition today - not the sort of thing I'd usually go to but was in my town hall 5mins down the road and dh thought ds might enjoy it. Met a whole load of people who knew of my extra grandma! And was able to share memories. That's 11 years after she died.

Tell people about your Gran and carry on telling her stories.

Catbabymummy Mon 22-Jan-07 11:23:27

Yes tell us you stories. What you should do is print a record of them as well.
I lost my nan 8 years ago and I still have letters she wrote to me when I was at uni.
In the meantime, don't be too sad, sounds like she had a wonderful life. Just remember all the good times and keep her love for you and the rest of your family close to your heart. Your loved ones never really leave you, as long as you love them.

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 22-Jan-07 11:25:32

Sorry for your loss bobsmum. She sounds like she was a fantastic woman.

Am pmsl at hiding a pony in the bathroom. Thought it was rhyming slang for a minute....

Hulababy Mon 22-Jan-07 11:27:29

Sorry to hear of your loss.

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