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Chocolate1985 Wed 01-Jun-16 22:10:29

Earlier this year I lost my grandmother quite suddenly and now my grandmother on the other side of my family is very unwell . I come from a very close family and my grandmothers have been a huge part of my life . My issue is with work . I didn't get any bereavement leave other than four hours to attend my grandmothers funeral and I honestly feel if/when my other grandmother passes away I'm going to be floored . A number of other bad things have happened in my life generally this year and I work in an extremely stressful rather depressing environment which is not conducive to helping anyone who is going through a bad time . Could I go to the GP and explain what has happened if the worst happens to my other grandmother and ask for a fit note ? My parents are separated and no contact with one another so I feel in some ways I'm playing the sort of partner role for them during these times .

Rainbow Thu 02-Jun-16 01:59:53

Definitely go to your GP. They should be able to give you a sick note. I was lucky, I was given a week off. You need time to grieve. I would talk to your Dr and see what they can do x

Chocolate1985 Thu 02-Jun-16 08:45:34

Thanks Rainbow as I said I'm finding it hard to deal with my grandmothers death then to have my other grandmother dying is just awful . My dads recently been diagnosed with a serious illness too x

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