ER tonight ?

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unicorn Wed 26-May-04 22:56:10

I'm crying as I write this... did anyone see it tonight?

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KateandtheGirls Wed 26-May-04 22:58:43

Well, I'm in the US so I don't know how far behind you guys are, but was it something to do with Noah Wyle's baby?

If so, yes very emotional, even though I've never been in that situation myself.

I only started watching ER this series, and it's a really good show.

mummytojames Wed 26-May-04 23:00:48

no i never watch er what happened to upset you so much

unicorn Wed 26-May-04 23:02:29

Hi Kate- Yep that's the one (probably miles behind you) I thought it was extremely well done... although I haven't been through such an awful experience but reckon it was sensitively handled.
Great programme.

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twiglett Wed 26-May-04 23:03:04

message withdrawn

unicorn Wed 26-May-04 23:03:09

mumy to james... baby died in utero... she had to deliver as normal...

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KateandtheGirls Wed 26-May-04 23:04:14

Actually, that was only a few weeks ago.

I find that I usually end up bawling at something or another on it though. Thank goodness for Dr Kovac to make it worth watching!

sammac Wed 26-May-04 23:07:31

watched it last week , sobbed very loudly. Used to make me laugh, now I cry every week. last episode ofseries tomorrow nite

unicorn Wed 26-May-04 23:07:39

don't tell us what happens next Kate!.. it's nearly end of series here I think.. they usually go out with a bang! (dr.romano helicopter incident!)

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KateandtheGirls Wed 26-May-04 23:08:19

Of course I won't!

unicorn Wed 26-May-04 23:08:42

last one tomorrow OMG- how can I cope?!! i love it... think Abby is just one in a million... want her to be my sister...

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KateandtheGirls Wed 26-May-04 23:12:12

She's a bit too perfect though isn't she?

unicorn Wed 26-May-04 23:13:51

perfect>>>??? naah she's a mess... (mum's a manic depressive.. she was an alcoholic etc!!!)

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KateandtheGirls Wed 26-May-04 23:14:54

I guess I haven't been watching it as long as you have. I missed all that!

unicorn Wed 26-May-04 23:16:37

blimey Kate - catch the old ones... (Gorgeous George etc...) they're GRRRRReat <not really an addict!>

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mummytojames Wed 26-May-04 23:22:12

glad i never watched it now because it would have cut to close to home for me

unicorn Wed 26-May-04 23:28:11

sorry to hear that MTJ..
I think when subjects like this are tackled and done sensitively it can help educate? not just entertain. possibly.....

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unicorn Wed 26-May-04 23:29:24

just wondered from any midwives who saw it- was it fairly accurate?

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mummytojames Wed 26-May-04 23:32:15

im glad they have done it to be honest i have seen a few programmes which deal with what i went through very sympathetic and i have had freind watch them and i just say thats what iw ent through and they seem to understand to many people are very quick to sweep things under the carpet and thats why i am great full when tv shows them this problem aint going to go away so a round of appluase for the makers of er and also the actors and actreses who had to reaserch to do this to show there are still people out there

unicorn Wed 26-May-04 23:33:49

how long ago was your bereavement MTJ? did you get much help afterwards?

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mummytojames Wed 26-May-04 23:39:28

it was five years ago and the help i got was my ex husband had a affair and threw me out i had a nervous breakdown where they basicly just locked me up for a while and the only person who would talk about it was my mother because she was a firm believer in talking through what ever was on your mind
if you mean professional help then no i was expected to just get on with life which i did thus the nervous break down

unicorn Wed 26-May-04 23:41:33

God that's cr*p.. Really sorry .. how are you now?

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mummytojames Wed 26-May-04 23:46:11

can still have bad days ccant we all but the best bit is i now have got a lovely son and a lovely fiance and every time i see my ex i just look him up and down and carry on walking thinking thank god i had a escape because if i hadnt have lost my son then i would have never found out about the affair and i certainly wouldnt have left him for the childs sake so i see it as gods way of saying you got better things to come which they have

unicorn Wed 26-May-04 23:49:06

so ex was having affair when you were pregnant?

Pleased to hear about ds.. and fiance.. things are looking good for you.
Got to go now.. my emotional tidalwave has calmed itself!
Take care...

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mummytojames Wed 26-May-04 23:52:17

thanks unicorn and yes the affair was going on before i was pregnant was just to blind to see it
honestly you are all mothers some single how many times would you let your washing machine break before thiking stuff it and buy another one

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