Because we won't forget GGG

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Twiglett Sat 06-Jan-07 19:24:35

even as life seems to return to a kind of normality for your friends here, many of us continue to grieve for you .. and we will continue to be here for you when you are ready or in need of us we will be here

each candle is a thought, each thought is a prayer however we choose to pray

candles lit for Maude

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SoupDragon Sat 06-Jan-07 19:36:24

Don't forget they go out after 48 hours. I've just lit a new one.

SherlockLGJ Sat 06-Jan-07 19:39:13

So have I.

I will pray for Maude at Mass tomorrow, I will have her mentioned by name from the altar. We will not forget Maude. We will not forget you and are here on and off MN if you feel the need.

Much love


themildmanneredjanitor Sat 06-Jan-07 19:42:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

filthymindedvixen Sat 06-Jan-07 19:43:25


'each candle is a thought, each thought is a prayer however we choose to pray '

that's lovely x

PersonalClown Sat 06-Jan-07 19:43:43

I've just lit another one.
Said a silent prayer as I put my ds to bed just now.
D xxxx

LadyTophamHatt Sat 06-Jan-07 19:48:06


Skyler Sat 06-Jan-07 19:52:17

Thanks Twig. Such true and lovely words, again.

littlerach Sat 06-Jan-07 19:56:34

Another candle lit.
A prayer said fr you and your family.

brimfull Sat 06-Jan-07 19:57:23

thank you twig

tribpot Sat 06-Jan-07 19:59:24

Another candle lit here too, in memory of Maude.

mellowma Sat 06-Jan-07 19:59:30

Message withdrawn

ludaloo Sat 06-Jan-07 20:05:32

What a beautiful thing!

One lit xxxx

tortoise Sat 06-Jan-07 20:09:32

I have lit one too.
Thinking of you ggg and your family.

adozenroses Sat 06-Jan-07 20:10:46

Just lit a candle for Maude.

My prayers are with ggg and her family xxx

MariNativityPlay Sat 06-Jan-07 20:12:23

Thanks for reminding us about the site Twig, candle lit for them all tonight

Pinkchampagne Sat 06-Jan-07 20:16:46


WideWebWitch Sat 06-Jan-07 20:20:03

I keep thinking about them too. Another candle lit.

Whizzz Sat 06-Jan-07 20:22:55

Thinking of you. A candle lit

JARM Sat 06-Jan-07 20:29:56

lit another candle this afternoon.

Although things are getting back to normal "on the board" people are still thinking of you and praying for you.

jampots Sat 06-Jan-07 20:30:23

i lit another candle too

LemonTart Sat 06-Jan-07 20:31:18

Lovely idea. I have lit one too.

melbournemum Sat 06-Jan-07 20:36:32

candle lit from Australia too, you are all in our thoughts.
Thank you Twiglett


jollymum Sat 06-Jan-07 21:00:45

I have lit a candle and cried, so many people in so much pain.xx

ScoobyDooooo Sat 06-Jan-07 21:08:04

I have lit another candle too, thank you twig xx

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