How do you count days between m/c and AF?

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Helgand Wed 03-Jan-07 18:09:13

Do you count from 1st day of bleeding for m/c or from end of bleeding?

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firststar Thu 04-Jan-07 12:13:42

Message withdrawn

fettle Fri 05-Jan-07 13:31:18

Hello - bumping this, as I want to know the answer too!!

1 week after a BFP, I had 4 days of red bleeding over Christmas, but not ever very heavy bleeding and then had a BFN. EPU won't scan me due to BFN, so I can only assume that i've had a complete mc, but have no idea what CD i'm on?

Saw a few clots during the 4 days, but nothing major, so couldn't say for certain when anything actually happened.

so frustrating all this, isn't it Helgand? I hope you are feeling okish? This was my 2nd mc of last year, so hoping 2007 is better on the baby/bump front!


Helgand Thu 11-Jan-07 12:48:33

I'm still hoping for an answer to this question ...
had a natural m/c, bleeding started one day, passed the embryo the next, bleeding stopped about 5 days later, so which day do I count from?????

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lissielou Thu 11-Jan-07 12:50:17

with mine i counted from 1st day. but your af will be a bit erratic for a bit

paulaplumpbottom Thu 11-Jan-07 13:55:24

My doctor told me yesterday that I could have a period in a couple of weeks or a couple of months. I am usually very regular but he said that it might be awhile before I am regular again. Hope that helps.

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