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Grief and sleep

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paddypants Mon 07-Mar-16 14:33:33

Has anyone had any success with insomnia and alternative therapies? My mother is bereaved two years and struggles to sleep more than three or four hours a night. I am worried about the cumulative effect of this and her ability to deal with the grieving process (and life generally) whilst so utterly exhausted. She follows the general rules for sleep - no screens, no caffeine, no alcohol, taking exercise and good diet. I would be interested to hear if anyone has had success with CBT, reflexology, accupuncture or anything else. Thank you in advance.

paddypants Mon 07-Mar-16 22:33:22


JohnThomas69 Tue 08-Mar-16 05:25:49

I had a similar problem with sleep for a while after losing someone close. It drove me absolutely mad. I cut out caffeine, stuck rigidly to my designated time for bed and read heaps of articles and tips on the net. Nothing worked. It came up in conversation with a work colleague many months later down the line and there advice was to forget all the blurb, go to bed whenever I felt like it, have a coffee if I felt like one, sleep for an hour if the notion took during the day. Basically don't give it the headroom/stick two fingers in its direction.
Decided to give it a try as I couldn't possibly sleep any less than I had been and slowly things started to improve. It is a cycle and obsessing over it is the fuel that keeps its wheels in motion. It is easier said than done but breaking the cycle by having an afternoon nap while Mr insomnia was distracted left me feeling more relaxed about lack of sleep hours at night which in turn actually ended up helping me get a decent nights sleep. Refusing to let it dictate my eating/drinking patterns gave me a certain feeling of empowerment/satisfaction. It had almost become a living breathing entity and I was telling it to f off.

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