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someone please help me understand

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3sugarsplease Sun 06-Mar-16 19:50:57

I lost my beautiful sister 3 weeks ago today. I feel lost. I still don't believe I won't see her face again. I still feel like she's going to walk through the door and when I get a text I think it's her. I feel like she's just on a trip but she will be home soon. I need her back.

rembrandtsrockchick Sun 06-Mar-16 20:14:24

It's natural to feel this way. My lovely husband of forty three years died on December first last year and I feel just the way you do.He was my anchor, my refuge and my reason for living. It's shit isn't it! Whoever it was that said "grief is the price of love" was absolutely bloody right. I don't think I can say anything to comfort you...there are no words, but I do know something of what you are going through. I manage it one day at a time...sometimes one minute at a time. It's something we have to go through.

Look after yourself my lovely, you are not alone.

3sugarsplease Sun 06-Mar-16 20:30:33

Rembrandt - I'm sorry your loss thanks I try to remind myself that others in the world go through this too and I am not alone, I'm just not sure how they do it. She was taken from us so cruelly and I just need her by my side. I miss her and feel so broken.
Thank you for your message. thanks

cocochanel21 Sun 06-Mar-16 20:35:22

Sorry for your lossflowers. My dd died 5mths ago and I still feel like you do. Last week I thought i seen her in town I cried all the way home.

It still early day's for you I imagine her funeral was recent. Your probably still in shock and grieving.
Everything you said is a normal reaction to what you are going through.
Take Care.

LuckyBitches Mon 07-Mar-16 12:01:33


I lost my brother almost exactly 2 years ago, he would have been 30 next week. It's so tough, and the first few weeks are just mad. All I can say is let grief happen, It does get easier I promise, but very slowly. xxx

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