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Being a widow and wearing wedding/engagement rings.....

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Pigeonpair1 Sun 28-Feb-16 22:24:35

I am 42 and was widowed almost 3 years ago. I still wear my wedding and engagement rings and wondered how many widows on here still wear theirs and how many have taken them off or wear them differently (ie. round neck/on other hand).

I sort of feel ready to take them off but I feel safe when I wear them...... especially when I am on holiday on my own with the DCs where strangers do not know my circumstances. I guess they are my sort of armour. I am also worried that people will think I am "over" DH when of course I'm not.....I think about him every day, it's just that I've learnt how to live without him sad. I like to think I might find another special person one day.......

It is a very personal thing and I would love to hear some thoughts from other widows who really understand how this feels.

TheGoodEnoughWife Sun 28-Feb-16 22:29:48

I was widowed at 37, had lost my wedding ring so wasn't wearing one at the time. Joined WAY group and from my experience with them everyone is different and muddling along as well as they can. If you want to wear them then do, I know when it came to sorting clothes there just was a right time for me to do it and I think it will be the same for your rings. Sorry for your loss.

Musicaltheatremum Mon 29-Feb-16 20:42:26

I am 52, I was widowed 4 years ago (19/3/12) I still wear my wedding ring and engagement and eternity rings. I am coping with life but still feel a huge bond to him and am not ready to consider any other relationship. So I only take them off when I'm at the gym. I have a friend who lost her husband nearly 9 years ago. She is only 41. She took hers off when she had another relationship but wears them on her right hand.
It's a really personal decision and not one that is right or wrong which ever way you go for it.

Concerned97 Mon 29-Feb-16 21:17:02

My sister was widowed at age 30, she wore her rings for a long time. I raised the issue when she got into a serious relationship and suggested that as respect for new relationship that she considered moving them to other hand or chain around Her neck. Sh e moved them to a chain around her neck. She is now married to the serious relationship and keeps her rings In her bedside drawer. But no right, no wrong, what you feel happy with xx

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