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book about funeral service for children?

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FurbysMakeSexNoises Wed 20-Jan-16 14:00:40

Hi all, my lovely grandfather died last week and his funeral is next week. My children are old enough and I'm taking them to the service but wondering how to discuss the coffin (which will be visible) etc and hope to prepare them for the sadness there without them being really sad about it.

I've ordered a book about death but my DF died a few years ago so think they're okay about that. Any top tips? Will bring some things to keep them entertained appropriately in the service and my mother is happy to have them there.

Thanks for your thoughts.

FilbertSnood Fri 22-Jan-16 13:42:36

My children (age 3 and 5) have just been to two funerals a month apart (their Grandma and their Great Grandfather). They were both apparently fine with the services. My daughter cried at my mums' funeral - but then again, so did everyone else and the bit that set her off was the bit from me and my sisters where we talked about our mum and I think she started to connect it to "losing your mum".

Anyway - we explained that there would be a coffin and who would be inside and that the service was a change for us all to remember all the nice things about the person. We talked about dead people not needing food or air etc (so they didn't worry about that) not sure how old yours are?
We also said that the adults might cry, but that they can cry or not cry, anything is fine. I read a good leaflet from banardos I think? Will try to find.

Sorry for your loss x

FilbertSnood Fri 22-Jan-16 13:44:12

This one:

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