Feel numb and empty at loss of my Nan

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deckthehillswithboughsofmummy Thu 14-Dec-06 00:31:53

Title says it all realy Nan passed away this evening and i just feel numb.

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AtterySquash Thu 14-Dec-06 00:33:22

I'm very sorry to hear that, and it must be even harder to bear at this time of year. How old was she? Were you close?

Take good care.


fortyplus Thu 14-Dec-06 00:43:08

It's sad. Lost my Dad 2 years ago and it takes longer than you think to be able to move on and accept the loss. When he first died I replayed the events in my head over and over - it was like a tape that I couldn't switch off. It gets better with time - makle sure you turn the funeral into a celebration of her life. You'll draw a lot of comfort from being surrounded by other people who loved & valued her.

sallyhollyberry Thu 14-Dec-06 00:50:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

deckthehillswithboughsofmummy Thu 14-Dec-06 08:18:28

She was 87 and had been ill. We were expecting it but that doesn't change how much you miss them or the the hurt you feel.

I have many fond memories but was lucky enough to be able to see her yesterday morning and have a chat.

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