"Key" child's mum has died

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Posey Tue 05-Dec-06 20:47:48

I work in a pre-school, and one of "my" children's mum has died. She had cancer.
The poor poor boy, he's the same age as my ds.
Ds wants to invite him round to play, to make him happy.

I don't know why I'm posting really, but just feel this is so desperately unfair. I just want to bundle him up and cuddle him.

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hulababy Tue 05-Dec-06 20:48:45

I'm so sorry to hear that news. Very sad for the little boy Bless your DS for wanting to help him.

nogoeswithbellson Tue 05-Dec-06 20:49:08

That is so sad

tribpot Tue 05-Dec-06 20:50:09

I'm so sorry That poor little boy. Your instinct is quite normal, what a lot for such a little chap to have to deal with.

myrrhthamoo Tue 05-Dec-06 20:54:44

A mum of a boy in ds1's class died of cancer earlier this year and it really knocked me for six - even though I barely knew her. I just kept thinking of how hard she must have fought to stay - to not leave her boy

It is desperately unfair, Posey, and so very, very sad. Your ds sounds like a very kind little chap.

sandcastlesforanaussiexmas Tue 05-Dec-06 21:09:53

So sorry to hear the news.

Your LO sounds like a lovely little chap to want to make his friend happy

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