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my best friend

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Whothehellcares Wed 30-Sep-15 22:57:31

It's been 4 months since she passed and a year since her diagnosis.
I cry (privately) almost every day.
People change the subject when I mention her in conversation, but I desperately want to talk about her more to remember everything that made her my best friend.
I think I just need somewhere to unload.

321rd Wed 30-Sep-15 23:01:43

Really sorry to hear that Who.
My pals and I were chatting the other day ( two of them had just recently had bad news) and we were saying how some people can't bear to mention the " upsetting " thing so don't say anything at all. Where as saying anything is so much better.

What do you want to tell us about??

Whothehellcares Thu 01-Oct-15 23:18:03

I miss her so much.
I feel like I've lost my back up and my confidence has crashed, and I feel guilty for feeling this more selfish outcome rather than just the grief of loss.
Is this normal?
I suppose that's what I want to talk to others about, to see if my emotions and thoughts as a reaction to all this are reasonable; as well as making sure the good stuff/times are remembered.

321rd Fri 02-Oct-15 00:31:45

I'm so sorry who. This thread has only just updated. Sorry to leave you like that.

I think there are so many feeling that come with the loss of a close friend that guilt is just one of a zillion and all probably on the same day.
Do you have any mutual friends that feel like you? Even tho it won't be the same

Whothehellcares Fri 02-Oct-15 10:24:29

Thanks 321.
We have many mutual friends.
I guess we're all feeling it in different ways, I should try and reach out to them some more.

321rd Fri 02-Oct-15 10:44:58

It's very early days. I lost my sister in a tragic accident but I was really comforted in the early days with have her mentioned lots. And photos of her around. I know her boyfriend couldn't have photos up at their house. Everyone is different

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