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loss of an 18yr old daughter and a sister to a brother

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nickdan Sun 20-Sep-15 23:39:12

hi everyone - i live in south manchester -my beautiful daughter passed over to the other side 20 months ago - i have an 11almost 12yr old son who misses his sister more than its possible to miss anyone -is there any one out there who has lost a daughter of a similar age who also has a son a similar age to my own as he so wants to talk to someone who has experienced the kind of loss he has
let me know
thankyou so much xxx

ENtertainmentAppreciated Mon 21-Sep-15 13:50:47

I'm sorry I can't help you from personal experience but saw your post in the unanswered section.
Your council has a page with various links to support organisations, maybe one of them could start pointing you both in the right direction? There are two links specifically for children and teens.

Manchester Bereavement Support
I'm very sorry for your loss flowers

Fedupfriendnolonger Mon 21-Sep-15 14:01:19

Im so sorry for your loss nickdan. Have you been in touch Winstons Wish? I have no experience of them myself but have heard great things about them


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